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What Are The Best Hazelnut Drinks At Starbucks? Let’s Find Out!

What Are The Best Starbucks Hazelnut Drinks?

What Are The Best Hazelnut Drinks At Starbucks?

If you’re a lover of creamy hazelnut coffee, then you’ve probably tried a Starbucks hazelnut latte before which has a sweet and nutty taste.

Starbucks has a huge range of hazelnut latte drinks to choose from if you are a hazelnut coffee lover, we’ve listed all their best and most popular hazelnut types down below to try out.

There are two main types of hazelnut drinks available at Starbucks – espresso hazelnut milk and hazelnut lattes. Both of these drink options come in different flavors including vanilla bean, caramel macchiato, mocha (mocha caffeine content), and cappuccinno.

Facts About Starbucks Hazelnut Coffee

Before we get into our list of the most popular Starbucks hazelnut drinks, let’s start with a few basic facts about their rich hazelnut flavor drink range.

  • It’s usually vegan friendly!
  • The coffee beans in kinds of hazelnut coffee are weaker.
  • They are not flavored using natural oils from nuts so are allergy-free!

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What Are The Best Starbucks Hazelnut Drinks?

The Most Popular Starbucks Hazelnut Drinks List

If you are craving a latte hazelnut drink or an espresso drink with some hazelnut syrup, we’ve put together a list of the best Starbuck hazelnut drinks down below.

Blonde Hazelnut Latte

This is a lightly roasted coffee with Starbucks Blonde Espresso and can be served hot or iced, you will find it paired with milk and two pumps of hazelnut syrup to make the coffee sweeter.

This latte is quite low fat.

Hazelnut Bianco Latte

A delicious Hazelnut-Praline-Infused Milk Iced Espresso. This hazelnut-praline-infused milk is expertly combined with Starbucks Reserve® espresso and served over ice for an indulgent, sweetly chilled treat.

Hazelnut Malt Frappuccino

This is a vanilla-based beverage coffee with hazelnut syrup, two nutmeg shakes spice up the drink, it can also be made at home easily if you have some vanilla bean powder on hand.

Hazelnut Mocha Coconutmilk Macchiato

Starbucks staple steamed coconut milk drink made with espresso, mocha drizzle and hazelnut syrup. The drink only has a calorie count of 180 and can be made with ice cubes to make it a chilled drink.

This drink is also vegan thanks to the coconut milk.

Other Starbucks Drinks With Hazelnut

These drinks are not found in all Starbucks but can be made with hazelnut syrup for sweetness.

Golden Girl Frappuccino

This is also known as a grande white frappuccino from Starbucks and has a pump of hazelnut syrup and a pump of vanilla syrup.

French Toast Frappuccino

Get a grande cafe frappuccino from Starbucks with sweet cream, and get a pump of cinnamon dolce syrup and a pump of hazelnut syrup.

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Blueberry Frappuccino

Also known as a large vanilla bean frappuccino with blueberries blended in a pump of hazelnut syrup it is then topped with whipped cream and a caramel crunch topping.

What Are The Best Starbucks Hazelnut Drinks?

Does Hazelnut Syrup Have Sugar?

If you are obsessed with hazelnut syrup in your Starbuck drinks, then you might be wondering if this nutty sweet syrup has sugar, or do they have a sugar-free option too?

Starbucks hazelnut syrup does indeed have sugar and they do not currently have a sugar-free option, if your looking for sweetness without the sugar you will have to opt for their sugar-free vanilla syrup.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Starbucks Hazelnut Latte

How much does a Starbucks hazelnut latte cost?

A Starbucks hazelnut latte typically costs $5, the size will determine the price, and the larger the more expensive.

Does Starbucks hazelnut syrup contain nuts?

No, Starbucks hazelnut syrup does not contain nuts, meaning people with nut allergies can still drink it!

Can I use hazelnut spread to make Starbucks drinks?

Yes, hazelnut spread can be used and melted down in coffee to make a Starbucks copycat drink paired with hot milk or iced milk.

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What Are The Best Starbucks Hazelnut Drinks?

Last Words

To conclude, Starbucks hazelnut latte comes as their blonde espresso version and Bianco white chocolate version, the drinks are sweetened with hazelnut syrup and often paired with steamed milk.

You can add a pump of hazelnut syrup to any Starbucks drink for added sweetness, if you are looking to cut back on sugar then we suggest choosing vanilla sugar-free syrup as an alternative in your drinks. Moreover, you can find out here about the difference between Brewed Cacao vs Coffee.

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