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Know Coffee, Love Coffee!

Your one place to learn about all things; coffee!

We love coffee, guessing you do too 🙂

From find out the best coffee in Starbucks, to recipes for your favourite coffee related treats; we are your one stop place for learning all about coffee.

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Who am I?

My name is Ellie Patchen and I am a coffee lover!

In my home you will find coffee from all around the world! Light roast, dark roast, capacchino, Nespresso. Drip, pour-over, French press, automatic all in one grinder, coffee maker with a frother :O Oh yeah I have all the cool coffee thingy-majigs!

Here at my team and I will answer your questions, educate you on the top purchases and try to entertain you a little on the way. Afterall, coffee, to me, is an indulgence – a moment to be savoured!

Hey.. if you wanted to learn more 🙂

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