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What Is An Upside-Down Caramel Macchiato? Let’s Find Out!

Our Guide To Upside-Down Caramel Macchiatos

If you’re the kind of person who loves a sweet caramel-type coffee then you might have heard about the popular upside-down caramel macchiato and wondered what this kind of coffee is.

An upside-down caramel macchiato is the same as a standard caramel macchiato, except the ingredients are put in the reverse order, with the caramel starting at the bottom first.

Down below, we’ve put together an informative guide which will take you through what exactly a caramel macchiato is made of, if they are the same as a latte, the different kinds of macchiatos and some tips for making one.

What Ingredients Are Inside A Caramel Macchiato?

If you are a lover of espresso coffee, but not keen on the strength, this coffee beverage is ideal for you, an upside-down caramel macchiato consists of caramel at the bottom, espresso coffee, steamed milk then a vanilla flavor syrup on top.

For a regular version of caramel macchiato, the ingredients are the same as the upside-down version except the syrups will likely be put last rather than first.

Many people prefer the upside-down caramel macchiato since you taste more of the caramel drizzle at the bottom rather than it getting mixed in.

Are A Caramel Macchiato & A Latte The Same?

Since an upside-down caramel macchiato and a latte are very similar, you might be wondering what exactly the difference is between the two kinds of drinks.

Well, both of these coffee drinks are essentially the same, with the same ingredients, a latte consists of espresso and any kind of milk, when upside down the espresso coffee goes on top of this milk, the only difference between the two tasty coffee options is that the macchiato has a caramel drizzle!

Caramel Macchiato Vs Mocha – What’s The Difference?

Mochas are also popular for people who like a stronger flavor profile in their coffee with added sweetness.

Mochas have chocolate in them instead of caramel syrup which makes them different, they have less of a coffee taste. Coffee mochas also have much more flavor options than a macchiato and tend to use the milk in the recipe to smooth out the ingredients rather than as a foam.

What Are The Different Types Of Macchiatos?

Now you’ve heard of an upside-down caramel macchiato but you might have also come across latte macchiatos and espresso coffee macchiatos and been confused about the difference.

A latte macchiato is a layered espresso shot drink with steamed milk, this coffee drink is sweeter than an espresso macchiato. They are typically made by putting an espresso shot in the bottom of a cup and adding to the milk foam, then another layer of foam on top, you will find it served in a tall glass.

An espresso macchiato on the other hand starts with an espresso shot then it’s diluted with around a teaspoon of milk foam, the addition of milk is much less and the drink has more of an espresso coffee taste.

Our Guide To Making The Best Caramel Macchiato

Buying latte macchiatos and upside-down caramel macchiatos from your local Starbucks can be costly over time, so why not make your caramel macchiato at home and reverse the ingredients to make it upside down?

We’ve listed everything you will need below!


  • Half cup of whole milk.
  • Two espresso shots.
  • Spoon of vanilla syrup.
  • Spoon of caramel sauce.
  • Ice cubes.


  1. Start by brewing up your espresso shot, this can be a single shot if you don’t like your espresso coffee too strong.
  2. Allow the espresso to cool (add an ice cube to speed this up) then take a glass and add your caramel flavor sauce at the bottom of the glass.
  3. Pour your milk into the glass for a sweeter flavor and add the rest of the ice to help cool down the drink.
  4. Finish up with a drizzle of vanilla syrup on top! Follow the same steps without the ice if you don’t want the iced version.

Classic Recipe


  • Two espresso shots.
  • Two ounces of milk foam.


  1. Start by making your espresso in a regular coffee machine to make a regular macchiato, now steam your type of milk of around half a cup to 150F.
  2. Now use a milk frother and french press to make your layer of milk foam.
  3. Use a spoon to remove the dry foam then put it on top of the coffee, you can put a finishing drizzle of syrup on top if you desire.

Should You Stir A Macchiato?

Many people argue you should stir a macchiato, however, macchiatos are not meant to be stirred so that you can enjoy all the individual layers in your coffee, you will not be able to taste all the recipe ingredients individually if you mix the drink.

Other Popular Caramel Coffee Drinks

If you’re getting bored of upside-down caramel macchiatos or prefer other caramel coffee drinks, we’ve listed some other popular Starbuck caramel coffee drinks to try out down below.

  • Caramel frappucino – This drink is similar to a macchiato except has slightly more caramel sauce and the addition of cream.
  • Caramel ribbon crunch drink – Essentially a caramel frappuccino except it has the addition of a caramel sugar crunch on top which makes it the ribbon crunch drink.
  • Salted caramel cold brew – This consists of ice, brewed coffee, salted caramel cream and vanilla syrup. Here’s an article for you about Salted Caramel Starbucks Drinks
  • Caramel ice apple spice – Apple juice, caramel dolce syrup, whipped cream and caramel sauce!
  • Caramel mocha – A basic mocha coffee with two pumps of caramel sauce.

Frequently Asked Questions About Upside-Down Caramel Macchiatos

Can you make an iced version of an upside-down caramel macchiato?

Yes, an upside-down caramel macchiato can be made the same way as a standard macchiato by putting the ingredients in reverse and adding ice, make sure to put the caramel syrup first.

We also have an article about Starbucks Iced Caramel Brulee Latte

What’s the difference between a caramel latte and a caramel macchiato?

A caramel latte and a caramel macchiato are essentially the same, the only small difference is that a macchiato uses both vanilla and caramel syrup to make the drink while a latte uses just caramel.

Can I use regular coffee beans to make a latte macchiato?

It’s best to use dark roasted coffee beans for making a latte macchiato, this is because the large quantity of milk will help to dilute the strength of the coffee and the difference in taste.

Why drink a macchiato in reverse?

Some people prefer to drink a caramel macchiato in reverse so that they can taste the syrup stronger and all the individual flavors.

Can you make a vanilla flavor macchiato?

Yes, a vanilla flavor macchiato can be made instead of a caramel macchiato by swapping out the syrup for a vanilla flavor.

How much does a caramel latte macchiato cost at Starbucks?

A tall macchiato at Starbucks tends to cost around £3.

Are there two shots of espresso in a regular macchiato?

A macchiato tends to only have one shot of espresso while a latte has two shots of espresso, lattes tend to have a stronger coffee taste but are very similar in design.

How do you make a caramel latte creamy taste?

To make a creamy taste in a caramel latte like the lattes from the coffee shop you will need to foam your milk and add caramel sauce. You could also add cream to thicken up the coffee drink like a frappuccino.

Is a caramel latte stronger than a macchiato?

Caramel lattes have a more subtle weaker taste in comparison to a macchiato, macchiatos are much stronger.

What is a double caramel macchiato?

A double macchiato is typically a coffee with two shots of espresso rather than one, sometimes with the addition of an extra pump of vanilla syrup.

Final Words

Overall, upside-down caramel macchiatos are like regular macchiatos with caramel syrup, espresso shot, steamed milk and vanilla syrup.

They are made in the reserve order to a normal macchiato so you can taste all the individual ingredients better. These drinks are very similar to lattes, except they are typically stronger with two shots of espresso as opposed to one.

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