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What Goes Well With a Coffee Mug Gift?

Which is the best thing to gift with a coffee mug?

A coffee mug gift idea is for all the special moments. It can be a thoughtful gift for someone who loves coffee or a funny gift for someone who doesn’t drink coffee.

We have brought you some special gift ideas which go along with a Coffee mug. Whether it is a birthday gift, an encouragement gift, or a wedding anniversary, you can always use these friendly gift ideas.

The best gift for a coffee lover is a coffee cup. It can be a mug, a tumbler, or even an espresso cup. It doesn’t matter what kind of coffee drinker they are – there’s always something for them to use in the morning.

Some people like to drink their coffee from mugs because they like the way it feels in their hands and how hot it stays when they sip from it.

Others prefer drinking from tumblers because they don’t have to worry about spilling their drink on themselves when they’re walking around with it.

And then there are those who prefer cups because of how quickly you can drink your coffee out of them and the fact that you can put espresso in them if you need to.

Below are 11 simple mug gift ideas.

1. Coffee and Chocolate

Adding thoughtful yet straightforward items like a wooden stir stick and mug is a great way to add some extra value to the gift of coffee. These items will give your gift the finishing touches and make it look polished and complete.

You can also add some extras like chocolate-covered coffee beans or homegrown ground coffee for that perfect touch. It can also be sweet, like a miniature set of salt and pepper shakers on a wooden spoon. To make it even more unique.

2. Biscuits, Sugar, and Tea

For the tea lover in your life, add sugar, tea bags, and tea biscuits for a thoughtful gift. If you have a friend feeling under the weather, include honey and lemon for a more luxurious cup featuring a lovely blend of fragrant herbs to soothe their sore throat. 

3. Chocolate

Customers often find themselves looking for a personalized gift for their loved ones who are always moving. A Chocolate with Coffee mug is a simple gift that will show them how much you care. 

4. Hot Cocoa Mix, Chocolate, And Marshmallows

The holidays are a time for giving. For the coffee or hot cocoa drinker in your life, try giving them hot cocoa mix, chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows in a coffee mug instead of traditional drinks. This is a fun, simple, and customizable way to show your drinker how much you care about them. You can even gift a hot chocolate sachet which you can find in the baking aisle of your grocery store or online.

You can also write a message on the box of hot chocolate supplies to add extra sentimental value to your gift.

5. Notepad, Tape, and Pens

Gifting isn’t just for holidays; it can be used throughout the year to show someone you care. For example, instead of giving someone a card or flowers, give them stationary items like a notepad, tape, and pens.

This shows that while you may not be able to be with them, you are still thinking of them. This is a great practical gift to show someone that you care without spending much money on them.

6. Art Supplies

One of the best ways of saying thanks to a friend or loved one is to send them crafty items. The gift may be anything you can find and get in nature or that the person likes. Any fun mug gift ideas will surely make them happy even if simple in their appearance.

An excellent way of gift-giving is creative crafts gifts such as paint items, brushes, clay molds for pottery, canvases, etc. These are wonderful items to combine with a coffee mug.

One more great and uniquely thoughtful art supplies idea which requires no work at all.

7. Baking Goods And Kitchen Gadgets

There are many reasons why we need to buy gifts that will be useful to them, such as kitchen gadgets and baking goods. If you are looking for unique ideas, remember that a coffee mug combined with these gadgets symbolizes never-ending gratitude and enjoyment.

8. Gift Card

Many people buy tremendous, expensive gifts for their friends and family on special occasions. However, the small things could be much better because they are remembrances and show our appreciation for the gift recipient.

Shopping gift cards will offer the best of both worlds- a tangible gift but without the burden of carrying a mighty gift. Consider giving a gift card instead of an entire gift of different items.

Gift cards are a great alternative to some more expensive giving options, like jewelry and flowers. Anyone can use these cards throughout the year to buy gifts such as other cards, food items, or even holiday gifts.

Gifts that come with a set amount of money are incredibly thoughtful and meaningful because they allow you to budget your gift.

9. Coffee Mug Warmer

The Gift mug warmer with a Coffee mug is designed as an innovative product that will be worth every penny of your investment. This mug warmer can warm up any drink, not just coffee, and can also be recharged by any USB charger.

If you know someone who likes morning coffee but the temperature is never hot enough or someone who has trouble drinking their coffee now that they have iced it, get them this great present!

10. Home Spa Products

What better way to give your loved one the relaxation experience than to put the knowledge of great products cultivated from organic and high-end ingredients into that person’s own hands. Set up their morning routine for a lazy Sunday and enjoy a sensual cup of coffee together.

Home spa treatments might be an awkward, ‘fringe activity, but it has become more mainstream. Lastly, when you gift somebody a set of home spa products with a mug, it could mean more, thanks to the personal note you write in pen on all your treats.

11. Cereal Bar

A breakfast cereal bar is not just for breakfast. This is a convenient snack anytime in the day, but what about tucking it in a mug to make it more ceremonial?

Cereal bars evoke a nostalgic touch of early childhood, and nostalgic people will appreciate the gift. Find someone who appreciates your weird sense of humor, and share this coffee gift card and cereal bar with this person as an element of the winter holiday celebration.

12. Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System

This carafe system is a must-have for anyone whose favorite brew is coffee. It comes with a glass, stainless steel, and silicone lid that allow you to brew your favorite drink in this carafe. It is a perfect gift idea to combine with a Coffee Mug.


A coffee mug is one of the most popular gifts for anyone who loves coffee or tea. It is also one of the least expensive items you can get someone as a gift. Mugs for gifts are always in fashion. This gift list will help you and save time thinking about what to combine with a coffee mug gift.

Ellie Patchen

Ellie Patchen

I love a good cup of coffee on Monday mornings for that pick-me-up, also love them in the afternoon, and on Tuesdays. In fact, it's fair to say that I love coffee all day everyday! So much so that I created a whole site to blog about it, answer questions and to just have a place for my frequent ramblings on the wonder that is.. coffee!