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What Coffee Does McDonald’s Use?

What Coffee Does McDonald's Use

What Coffee Does McDonald’s Use?

McDonald’s serves two types of coffee drinks: Espresso-style and brewed. The Espresso-style drinks come in hot or iced varieties, such as Americanos and Cappuccinos, while the brewed coffees come in both iced and hot varieties. Additionally, McDonald’s also serves Mocha Frappes and Caramel, which are blended coffee drinks.

No matter what type of beverage you’re looking for, McDonald’s has something for you! All of their coffees are made using only high-quality beans that are freshly roasted, giving you a delicious cup of joe every time.

So if you’re looking to get your caffeine fix at one of the world’s leading fast-food chains, why not swing by McDonald’s and enjoy a cup?

Which Beans Does McDonald’s Use?

McDonald’s is serving some of the best-tasting coffee around. That’s because they use 100% Arabica Coffee beans which are known for their smooth and consistent flavor. It’s easy to see why McDonald’s uses these beans since they appeal to a wide audience due to their moderate caffeine content, mild taste, and versatility with many foods.

When it comes to kinds of coffee beans, McDonald’s has plenty of choices from Gaviña Gourmet Coffee, Green Mountain Coffee, Newman’s Own, and Seattle’s Best. However, Gaviña has been partnered with the McDonald’s family since 1983 so needless to say those are the main go-to suppliers.

The espresso drinks come fresh from the ground whole bean while pre-packaged and pre-ground beans for brewed coffee make it that much easier for quick preparation.

What Makes McDonald’s Coffee So Delicious?

McDonald's Coffee

McDonald’s coffee is surprisingly delicious! The secret to why it tastes so good is the Arabica beans they use in their espresso drinks. These mild flavor profile beans help bring out all the nutty, chocolate notes while still keeping it easy to drink. Plus, since they are less acidic than Robusta beans, McDonald’s coffee can be enjoyed without causing any stomach issues.

In addition to selecting ground Arabica coffee beans, other factors contribute to the deliciousness of your cup of morning coffee. The consistency in quality and addition of milk and sugar also plays a major role in making McDonald’s best-priced coffee drinks so deliciously enjoyable.

No matter what you’re having for breakfast, stop by your local McDonald’s get yourself a cup, and sip away without worry as your stomach will surely thank you later.

Can You Get McDonald’s Coffee?

Are you a fan of McDonald’s coffee? If so, the good news is, you can get it without having to step through the restaurant doors! Pre-ground and K-Cup options are available for you to use in a flat-bottom filter or Keurig machines respectively.

In terms of K-Cups, McDonald’s has partnered with Keurig to provide their French Roast, Premium Roast Coffee, Breakfast Blend, Colombian Roast, and other select roasts. You can even get versions of their espresso drinks (Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Mocha, and Cinnamon Mocha) in the form of K-Cups.

This means that creating your own delicious espresso drink is just one press away. So if you’re looking to get your hands on some delicious McDonald’s caffeinated coffee from home then don’t worry. Just grab yourself some pre-ground black coffee or Keurig K-Cups and you’ll be set.

Can You Get A Espresso Shot At McDonald’s?

Yes, indeed you can get an espresso coffee shot at McDonald’s! Whether you’re in need of a quick wake-up or just looking for a smooth beverage to sip throughout your day, McDonald’s offers a range of espresso drinks for your enjoyment.

While the espresso is typically used to make lattes and mochas, you can also order it as a straight shot, which makes it even more appealing as it allows you to avoid having to gulp down 16oz of excess milk and sugar.

With this option available at McDonald’s, you don’t have to sacrifice quality just because you’re short on time in the morning.

Specialty Coffee Drinks From McDonald’s

McDonald’s has made their name in the specialty coffee drinks scene. Making sure that their customers get the highest quality, McDonald’s makes sure to freshly grind their espresso beans for all of their lattes and mochas. These grounds are what give these popular drinks that extra oomph.

Although some of the frappes and other specialty drinks are not made with freshly ground beans, they still come with a shot of delicious cups of coffee flavor. While this may not be exciting news to true coffee connoisseurs, it is still welcomed by many patrons who want nothing more than a quick pick-me-up in the morning or afternoon.

Who Are McDonald’s Two Primary Coffee Suppliers?

Below are the two main suppliers of McDonald’s coffee:

Gaviña Gourmet Coffee

Gaviña Gourmet Coffee is the company behind McDonald’s famous Premium Roast Blend. They have been partners with McDonald’s since 1987 when they were first asked to create a unique blend of cheap coffee that could cater to the fast-food chain’s customers.

Gaviña has also developed a training program to ensure that McDonald’s employees handle brewing the perfect cup of coffee beverages each time. It is estimated that McDonald’s sells over 400 million cups of Gaviña Gourmet Coffee in a year.

Newman’s Own Organics Blend

McDonald’s partnered with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters back in 2005 to bring Newman’s Own Organics blend to the masses. This delicious coffee blend is comprised of three distinct flavors including caramel, vanilla, and hazelnut. You can have it as hot coffee or cold as an iced drink, and it comes in medium roast coffee and light roast coffee.

What Are The Best McDonald’s Coffee Drinks?

McDonald’s serves some of the best coffee drinks, including:

1. Mocha

When it comes to McDonald’s favorite coffee, the mocha is one of the most popular drinks. This particular beverage is made using a special technique of mixing espresso and some other ingredients together in order to achieve its perfect balance. It results in an overwhelming cup that has just the right amount of sweetness and bitterness, without overpowering each other.

2. Cappuccino

McDonald’s cappuccino is one of the most popular coffee drinks you can order on the McCafé menu. As an added bonus, you can choose either fat-free or low-fat milk for your cappuccino when ordering from McDonald’s. It’s definitely one of their best drinks.

3. Iced Caramel Latte

The Iced Caramel Latte from McDonald’s is a luxurious treat that you won’t want to miss out on. With this drink, you can enjoy the amazing coffee flavor of butter in every single sip and the added caramel syrup gives it an extra special sweetness that will make your taste buds go wild.

4. Americano

When it comes to jumpstarting your morning, nothing beats a high-quality cup of strong and bold Americano from McDonald’s! This delicious and energizing coffee is sure to bring you back up to full awareness, with its robust flavor that will undoubtedly help you tackle the day.

Is It Possible To Buy Coffee Beans At McDonald’s?

It’s unfortunately not possible to buy coffee beans from McDonald’s restaurants in North America. However, you can still get their delicious coffee in the form of pods or ground coffee from the grocery store or online.

Although it won’t be exactly the same as what they serve at their restaurants, it’s still really good and worth a try! So for those looking for the iconic flavor of McDonald’s coffee, don’t let the lack of beans hold you back. There are plenty of other options that offer the same great flavor and taste.

Is The Coffee At Starbucks And McDonald’s The Same?

The coffee served by Starbucks and McDonald’s is not the same. Depending on your taste preference, you may find one more appealing than the other.

Starbucks has a greater selection, roasting their beans dark, which can be too intense for some people. McDonald’s has a smaller menu with a medium-dark roast that is generally favored by more people.

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