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Does Coffee Lower Your Vibration?

Does Coffee Lower Your Vibration?

Many of us do things throughout our day that either increase or decrease our vibrational energy, so it’s important to be mindful of any actions that could be lowering our vibrations.

One habit we should really avoid is drinking coffee. Drinking coffee will inevitably lower your vibration, which can have negative effects on your overall well-being. The effects of caffeine in coffee encourage your body to release stress hormones, which can put you into fight or flight mode and disrupt your natural energetic balance.

While occasional coffee drinking won’t necessarily cause long-term damage, avoiding it altogether could help you maintain a higher vibration and greater sense of peace.

What Exactly Is Vibrational Energy?

Have you ever wondered what “vibrational energy” really is? Well, the term refers to an invisible force composed of particles and energy that exist at a microscopic level in everything that surrounds us, including ourselves. We can’t see this vibrational energy because of how small it is but it is responsible for giving things a solid form.

At the simplest level, molecules are made up of atoms – and when you take an even closer look, you’ll notice that each atom has protons and electrons orbiting it. These movements create vibrations that make up our vibrational energy.

And when we talk about raising or lowering the vibration of our bodies or even our environment, we’re actually talking about increasing or decreasing the speed of those vibrations.

To break it down even further, caffeine actually works against this natural cycle. Rather than speeding up your vibrational energy as most people think, caffeine actually slows it down due to its stimulating effects on our nervous system.

How Does Coffee Affect Your Vibration?

Coffee can be a great burst of energy, but it has long been known that it can lower your vibration. This means that after drinking coffee – even if you feel energetic and awake – your positive energy may still be at a lower level than before. Coffee affects vibration in the following ways:

1. Anxiety

When it comes to coffee and its effect on your vibration, anxiety is one of the major symptoms that often follow. Coffee can make you feel anxious, particularly if you already have a predisposition towards anger or stress. Those who are in touch with their emotions will likely notice these changes more than those who are not.

It’s important to be aware of how coffee affects your overall state of being. When drinking coffee, pay close attention to any changes in the way you think; do you think faster or slower? Do you experience negative emotions such as anger, irritability, nervousness, or tension?

By taking note of how coffee impacts your body and mind, you can better understand how it affects your vibration level – both positively and negatively – and find ways to maximize its beneficial effects while mitigating any potential anxiety-producing side effects.

2. Willpower

Willpower is one of the major impacts that coffee can have on your vibration levels. As you become more reliant on coffee to help you get through your day, you may develop a psychological addiction, which can slowly erode away at your willpower.

The longer and more frequent this reliance becomes, the more the negative effect will be upon your overall willpower and motivation. Plan ahead and avoid relying too heavily on coffee or external influences in order to succeed with your daily goals.

In this way, you will maintain healthy discipline muscle strength, and control over yourself without sacrificing any necessary baseline energy levels. Sip coffee in moderation, ensure that it doesn’t become a crutch in terms of getting things done, and take pride in maintaining high levels of willpower without letting outside sources lead the way.

3. Tolerance

When it comes to stimulants, such as coffee, it’s important to be aware of your body’s tolerance levels. As you consume more and more, you need to increase your dosage in order to receive the same effects from the beverage.

This simply isn’t something that other foods or lifestyle choices like exercise or even meditation require; nourishing food and goal-setting are not activities that require your body to build tolerance with extended use.

So while consuming too much coffee is easy, it indicates that it causes more harm than good due to its building tolerance levels – similar to sugar, alcohol, and fast food consumption.

It’s important for people who frequently drink coffee to be conscious about their average caffeine intake and ensure they do not become overly dependent on the substance.

4. Poor Sleep

When it comes to your vibration, poor sleep quality can be one of the biggest perpetrators. Studies show that coffee can disrupt and delay sleep even if you have only had a cup hours earlier, drastically affecting your vibes during the day.

A lack of restful, deep sleep can lead to feeling tired, anxious, irritable, and mentally foggy – all signs that your frequency is not at its peak. That’s why if you take your physical and spiritual health seriously and want to maintain a high vibration all day long, you mustn’t forget the importance of good quality sleep and ditch the coffee!

5. Dehydration

Dehydration is one of the main ways coffee can reduce your vibration. Although coffee is a drink, it has a diuretic effect on the body and can make you become dehydrated more quickly than other beverages. Becoming dehydrated has a major impact on your energy levels, vitality, and mental clarity, as this will inevitably lower your vibration.

If you don’t have enough fluids in your system, you won’t be able to perform at optimal capacity. This means that if you drink too much coffee without replenishing yourself with the necessary hydration, your overall vibration will drop. To keep your vibration high, be sure to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day and monitoring your coffee intake.

Characteristics Of People With A High Frequency

People with a high frequency have certain characteristics that set them apart from others.

  • Their magnetism and charm are so strong that even in a crowded room you can’t help but be attracted to them.
  • They have an incredibly attractive aura about them, whether they are conventionally beautiful or not.
  • High-frequency people are generally very positive and happy, with a radiant glow emanating from them both inside and out.
  • They are loving, compassionate, and kind, never failing to leave a lasting impression on whoever they come into contact with.
  • These individuals also possess immense power and wisdom – when they speak, others listen attentively, while their words and insight are flooded with intelligence.
  • You’ll always find these people growth-oriented, actively seeking new creative adventures or ways to become more self-aware or emotionally balanced.
  • They tend to be disciplined in their everyday lifestyle as well, eating healthy meals and waking up on time being two habits that just come naturally to them.
  • Perhaps most notable of all is the way in which they interact with themselves – high-frequency people exhibit a tremendous level of self-love and confidence at all times.

Signs Of A Low Frequency

Are you feeling a little blah lately? Do you tend to feel drained and uninspired, no matter how hard you try? It could mean that your vibration frequency is low. Here are some signs of having a lower frequency:

  • Aspects of their life that indicate they operate with a lower vibration include a lack of vibrancy in the face and body.
  • Having difficulty showing enthusiasm for things or having difficulty getting interested in anything at all.
  • Those with low vibrations tend also to lack empathy and compassion towards others, can be negative constant complainers, have apathy towards others, and suffer from feelings of lethargy and fatigue often.
  • They are emotionally distant from the people around them.
  • They Struggle to be productive at work.
  • They tend not to take responsibility for their own situations in life due to blaming others for misfortunes instead.
  • They have an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • They enjoy negative conversations about disasters and what’s wrong with the world.
  • Lack of self-discipline such as difficulty with controlling eating habits or establishing a routine.
  • Inability to take responsibility for life’s circumstances and lack of emotional control.

How Can You Change Your Vibrational Frequency?

If you’re looking to change your vibrational frequency, then you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of ways that you can raise your extra energy and improve the quality of your life.

  • First, look at your diet. Incorporate raw food items that are high in vibrational frequency, such as organic fruits and vegetables, and cut out foods with low frequencies like processed foods.
  • Exercise is also key— engaging in activities like tai chi, pranayama, yoga, or dance can help absorb energetic vibrations from the ether.
  • Staying away from negative thoughts is also important.
  • Instead of watching the news or being around people who gossip and criticize, fill your mind with positive thoughts and read good books that can positively influence your vibration.
  • If you are feeling low, try meditation as a quick way to gain more energy.
  • Lastly, spending time in nature is another great way to change this frequency as beaches and mountain tops generally have higher frequencies than other places.

What Exactly Are High-frequency Foods?

High-frequency foods are those that have been minimally processed and sourced directly from Nature. This means they haven’t gone through any kind of alteration or processing which can reduce their frequency. Fruits and vegetables are some of the best examples of high-frequency superfoods, as they are generally unprocessed in any way before being eaten.

Buying your groceries several times a week from the farmer’s market is one way to ensure you’re getting fresh, high-frequency food. If not possible, try to keep your vegetable and fruit bowls in a cool, dry place so they remain at their peak until it’s time to eat them.

What Are Some High-Frequency Foods?

Here is a list of some high-frequency foods:


Sprouts are a great source of nutrition, and they can be beneficial for anyone trying to get more out of their eating habits. By germinating seeds in a sprouting jar with the correct moisture and temperature levels, you can create delicious, nutritious sprouts over the course of two to seven days.

The process of sprouting increases the overall protein content, making it an excellent choice for vegetarians and vegans. Additionally, studies also show that sprouting leads to an increase in vitamins C and K as well as minerals like phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, and folate.


Kale is an incredibly nutritious food that should definitely be a part of your diet. It’s high in vitamins A, K, and C, which are powerful antioxidants that help to reverse free-radical damage. Plus, it comes in several different varieties like curly or smooth green leaves, and it’s low in calories with only 33 per serving!

Not only that, but kale is also high in minerals and other essential nutrients. So if you’re looking to become lean and strong, adding some kale to your diet is an excellent idea. Plus, because it’s so tasty when cooked properly – you won’t have any trouble incorporating it into your diet!


Broccoli is a super food that should not be overlooked. Loaded with nutrition, this vegetable has some wonderful properties that make it an essential part of your diet. Studies have shown that regular consumption of broccoli can reduce instances of breast and uterine cancers by a significant degree.

Not only that, but eating broccoli can also help lower LDL or bad cholesterol levels by up to 6 percent. Rich in vitamin C, broccoli is crucial for keeping skin healthy and providing an efficient way for the body to recycle this vitamin.


Wheatgrass is a powerhouse of nutrition that has long been used for its detoxification and immune-enhancing capabilities. This ancient superfood sprouts from the wheat kernel, and it can be grown at home into fresh leaves or purchased as a powder supplement to mix in juice or water.

This nutrient-dense excellent food is high in chlorophyll, which helps to boost oxygen levels and increase overall energy. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes that support better digestion and improves metabolism.


Beetroot is an incredible super-fiber food that can provide your body with excellent medicinal properties. A study done by Queen Mary University in London established that regular intake of beetroot juice can lower high blood pressure within 4 weeks. It’s also rich in nitrates which helps protect against heart diseases and strokes.

Beets are a great source of B vitamins, calcium, betaine, and iron as well, making them beneficial to the liver as well. The fiber content of beetroot also aids in binding and releasing toxins from the body while studies show that its intake enhances the fuel efficiency of muscles, thereby improving stamina!


Acai is an amazing Amazonian super fruit that has become increasingly popular in recent years – and for good reason. Acai fruits have a large seed surrounded by yellow flesh and a dark purple outer skin, although they are commonly referred to as berries they are actually classified as drupes.

Acai bowls have become very popular in the health and fitness space, starting your day off with Acai is certainly one of the best ways to get essential nutrients into your body and keep it at peak performance.


Papaya is one of the best foods you can eat if you want to keep your vibration high. It’s super nourishing and packed with vitamins A, C, and E, as well as loads of fiber.

Eating two medium-sized papayas every day for a week will help to cleanse and rejuvenate your digestive tract – something which can play a major role in keeping your vibrations high.

Goji Berries

Goji berries are a great way to boost your vibration. Not only are they an excellent plant-based source of protein, but each 100 gm serving provides you with 11 gm of protein – more than other types of berries like blueberries and raspberries!

The goji berry plant is native to several parts of Asia; it has been long used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Eating goji berries regularly can not only improve your immunity, but also keep your cholesterol levels in check, and protect against type 2 diabetes. Additionally, its high beta-carotene content makes it one of the best foods for skin health!

Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi Fruit is an incredibly healthy and delicious way to give your body a high vibrational energy boost. This sweet and tangy super fruit is filled with essential vitamins, including A, C, and K. It’s also a great source of fiber which helps promote feelings of fullness and aids in the overall digestion process too.

More than just providing amazing taste and texture, kiwi fruit has been known to help control blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and even blood pressure as well.

8 Toxic Habits That Reduce Vibrational Frequency

Following these 8 habits can lower your vibrational frequency.

1. Dissatisfaction

Dissatisfaction is a major factor when it comes to lowering your vibrational frequency. When you let dissatisfaction drive your decisions instead of love, you create an environment of fear and competition.

Feeling envious of what others have while putting yourself down, complaining or engaging in gossip and drama, aiming to be the best, and wanting to be first are all dominant expressions of fear and will quickly lower your vibes.

2. Acting In Ways That Contradict Your Values

When we act in ways that contradict our values, it’s like we’re putting on a false mask. We can pretend all we want, but inside we know that what we’re doing is wrong and doesn’t align with how we truly feel. This lack of authenticity brings us further away from the higher good, thus reducing our vibrational frequency.

3. The Use Of Foul Language

One of the eight toxic habits that can drastically reduce vibrational frequency is the use of foul language. When we use swearing and express ourselves in an aggressive manner, we are emitting negative energy.

Just take a moment to listen to someone cursing or be conscious of yourself when you’re about to say something – it often does not have an appealing sound.

4. Watching Television, Particularly Violent Nature

Most of us watch television and it can affect our vibrational frequency in a negative way. TV is a form of mind control that often contains subliminal messages that program us to think certain things about our lives and the world that are far from reality.

Even if you’re watching or streaming an innocent film, comedy, or show, these messages still impact our unconscious minds.

5. Mindless Activities

Mindless activities such as browsing the internet with no real purpose, watching commercials and reality TV, working a job that you don’t enjoy, playing violent video games, and reading gossip magazines can all lower your vibrational frequency.

These activities don’t make you happy or energized and tend to evoke fear-based emotions. Engaging in these mind-numbing tasks will drain your energy, leave you feeling worse about yourself, and ultimately reduce your overall vibration.

6. Mistreating Yourself, Others, Animals, Or The Environment

Treating yourself, others, animals, or the environment badly is a low vibrational frequency move. We need to be aware that our actions have an effect on the big picture and the world around us.

When we are selfish, hurtful, or act unconsciously in any way we’re setting ourselves up for a lower vibration and all that comes with it – negative energy and consequences.

7. Consumption Of Alcoholic Beverages

When it comes to consuming alcoholic beverages, it’s important to remember that alcohol does not raise your vibration. Although drinking alcohol might give you an initial feeling of euphoria, the effects are short-lived and can leave you feeling worse after it wears off.

8. Compulsive Behavior

The eighth toxic habit that can reduce our vibrational frequency is compulsive behavior. Compulsive behavior is when we become attached to something outside of us to fill an inner void.

It could be something as subtle as having a cup of coffee in the morning, or it could be a more serious addiction. Either way, these attachments lead to unhealthy habits and can decrease our vibration.

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