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Does Coffee Absorb Odors?

Does Coffee Absorb Odors?

Does Coffee Absorb Odors?

Coffee beans are known for their strong scent, but did you know that they act as an odor absorber? Yes, coffee beans can absorb strong odors due to the materials found within them like nitrogen, which has the capability to absorb sulfur.

So whether it is cigarette smoke or a rotten egg smell that’s taking over your room, coffee beans can help get rid of it. In addition to neutralizing the air by eliminating bad smells like those coming from a garbage can or rotten food, coffee beans also make great odor absorbers.

They do this by acting as a filter and trapping toxic gases in order to remove them from the surrounding air. So if you’re looking for a natural way to make your home or office smell better, then consider using coffee beans as an effective odor absorber.

How Do Coffee Beans Absorb Odor?

Coffee beans are an amazing odor absorber due to their chemical composition. Aside from being rich in caffeine, coffee beans also contain nitrogen, which is similar to carbon and has the capability of absorbing sulfur-based odors.

How Do Coffee Beans Absorb Odor?

This means that not only can coffee overpower some of the worst smells on the planet, but it can also absorb them in some cases. Recent studies have proven that ground coffee beans are able to effectively mask unpleasant odors and even neutralize them over time – with the oils from the beans absorbing the odor particles.

For example, garlic, one of the strongest kitchen smells, was known to be immediately repelled by ground coffee beans. The same applies to bananas and other smelly items as well.

What Are The Different Ways Coffee Beans Absorb Smell?

Utilizing coffee beans in their whole bean or ground form can be beneficial in many ways.

After Cooking, Scrub Your Hands With Coffee

If you want to get rid of unwanted odors like garlic or onion after cooking, a fast and easy way is by using the grounds of coffee to scrub your hands. Simply store the ground coffee in a jar and use them for post-cooking needs.

The coffee grounds are an excellent natural eliminator of odor and also act as an exfoliator – leaving your hands smooth and soft after scrubbing. Not only will the odor be gone, but you can take advantage of the other benefits that come with brushing with coffee grounds.

Drain Smells

Coffee beans have been found to be an effective drain deodorizer for eliminating unpleasant smells in drains. The best way to make use of the absorbent nature of coffee beans is by sprinkling a tablespoon of ground coffee into the kitchen or bathroom sink and pouring some boiling water over it. This process should be done every month or two, as too much can clog up the drains.

Eliminate Refrigerator Odors

If you’re looking for an effective way to eliminate refrigerator odors, then you should consider using coffee beans. Coffee beans contain nitrogen which is an odor absorber.

Eliminate Refrigerator Odors

So they can help absorb any offending smells in your fridge. Furthermore, whole or ground coffee beans will fill the space with a pleasant aroma you’ll much prefer over other scents.

Car Deodorizer

Coffee beans are an effective car deodorizer. Place some open-jar coffee grounds or a mesh hose at a level in the car, and allow them to work their magic. The coffee will absorb unwanted smells like burgers, fries, and pet odors from your vehicle.

The good news is even when it does absorb the smell, it simply leaves behind a neutralized smell so your car won’t be filled with the aroma of stale food; rather, you can enjoy a pleasant drive! Coffee is also great for specialty coffees that require beans with unique flavors.

Pet Stain And Deodorization

When it comes to pet stains and deodorization, coffee beans can be an effective remedy. Coffee beans help absorb odors and can be used in a number of different ways.

You can place the dried coffee grounds in a filter, tie off the top with a rubber band to prevent spilling, and then place the filter over the pet stain overnight. This will allow the coffee beans to absorb any unpleasant odors left by your pet.

Burnt Food Smell

Coffee beans are great at absorbing the smell of burnt food. Their rough and abrasive texture allows you to use them as a pot scrubber to effectively remove the burnt portion from your pans, cups, and plates.

Simply apply a handful of coffee grounds onto the item in question and gently rub. Doing this will not only remove unwanted food but also absorb any bad odors left behind.

Carpet Deodorizer

Coffee beans provide a great way to deodorize your carpets. All you need to do is dry the coffee grounds, either by putting them in the freezer or in the oven and then sprinkle them over the smelly areas of your carpet.

Carpet Deodorizer


Cleaning and freshening up kitchen and bathroom countertops is easy with the use of a homemade scrubber made from coffee grounds and cheesecloth. Coffee beans are known to absorb smells, making them ideal for eliminating foul odors in countertops.

While this method works great on non-porous surfaces, it is best not to use it on porous items or light-colored countertops. In order to ensure that your countertops are not damaged by the scrubbing process, always make sure to use a small amount of cheesecloth instead of vigorous scrubbing.

How Do You Dry Wet Coffee Grounds To Remove Odors?

Removing odors with coffee grounds is a simple, efficient process.

  • To begin, take a baking sheet and spread the wet grounds on this sheet in a very thin layer so that they can dry quickly.
  • Then turn on your oven to 250 degrees and place the baking sheet inside.
  • Let the grounds bake for approximately 15 minutes or until they are fully dried out.
  • Once they have cooled off, store them inside an airtight jar.
  • The grounds will begin to absorb odors from their host environment making the space fresh and pleasant again.

Can You Use Whole Bean Coffee To Remove Odors?

Many people are finding that using whole-bean coffee to remove odors is a surprisingly efficient method. Just like ground coffee, whole beans can act as a carbonizing trust and fight bad smells in the home, such as raw sewage odor. Studies have shown that coffee is effective in absorbing hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas released by sewage.

Can You Use Whole Bean Coffee To Remove Odors?

Other Unique Ways To Reuse Coffee Grounds

There are several other ways to reuse coffee grounds.


Soil can become depleted over time, resulting in weakened growth for plants. Enter the use of moist coffee grounds as fertilizer. Coffee grounds are a great natural alternative that provides an abundance of nutrients such as phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, iron, chromium, calcium, and nitrogen–all necessary for healthy plant growth.


Composting with coffee grounds is a unique and highly beneficial way to reuse this valuable resource. Not only do coffee grounds add essential nutrients to the compost pile, but they also help it break down faster and create a better quality compost. Even more impressive, using dark coffee grounds in natural compost can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30%.

Insect Repellent

Coffee grounds can be used to repel insects. The compounds in coffee grounds, such as caffeine and diterpenes, are toxic to a variety of pests like mosquitos, flies, and beetles. You can even use coffee grounds around small cracks or crevices in your home’s walls and windowsills as an extra deterrent.

Put An End To Stinky Feet And Hands

Put an end to stinky feet and hands with coffee grounds! The unique properties of coffee make it perfect for deodorizing the air, but it’s also great for your skin. Use a coffee ground sachet in your shoes to get rid of the odor from sweaty feet.

Scrub Pans And Pots

Coffee grounds can come in handy when it comes to scrubbing pans and pots. Their coarse texture is great for abrasive scrubbing, which means you can use coffee grounds instead of a scouring pad. Rub the coffee grounds onto your cookware, grill, or even inside your sink to get rid of stubborn stains and smelly odors.

Marinate The Meat

Marinating your meat using coffee grounds can be a great way to infuse your favorite proteins with an extra depth of flavor. Coffee contains enzymes and acids that help tenderize the meat while also enhancing its flavor.

Centerpiece For The Table

Forget about flowers and store-bought centerpieces; get creative and use coffee grounds for the perfect centerpiece for your table. Not only will your home smell like a cozy coffeehouse, but the same grounds can also help neutralize bad odors in the air as an added bonus.


Coffee grounds are an excellent ingredient for all kinds of skincare recipes. You’ll be amazed at the number of nutrients that a cup of coffee holds. They’re great for soothing irritated skin and treating discoloration.

Scrub Pans And Pots
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