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Where Is Caribou Coffee From?

Where Is Caribou Coffee From?

Where Is Caribou Coffee From?

Caribou Coffee Company is an American coffee company and cafe chain that originally started in Edina, Minnesota in 1992. Since then, it has become one of the most popular places for coffee lovers so much so that it now has stores worldwide. Currently, Caribou Coffee Company operates 603 locations around the world and its headquarters is located in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

If you’re looking for delicious brewed coffee from across the U.S., from a place that stands by its commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing practices, look no further than Caribou Coffee Company!

History Of Caribou Coffee

The history of Caribou Coffee starts with a story of two dreamers from Dartmouth College – John Puckett and his wife Kimberly. After graduation, the couple was traveling across the country, when they stumbled across a majestic caribou in the wild. The sight of this carefree creature inspired the duo to create something of their own.

John and Kimberly already had plenty of experience in business due to their prior work in Boston as an advisor for Bain & Company, and as a finance specialists at General Motors respectively. Knowing what trends working-class customers liked, they decided to shift base to Minneapolis in 1992 and established their own coffeehouse business.

Through Caribou Coffee, they hoped to provide quality coffee and a café environment to people there just as it had flourished in Boston. Today, Caribou Coffee stands tall for its exceptional taste, hospitality, and mission around sustainability initiatives throughout its stores.

Caribou Coffee has a long and interesting history. The business began in the 1990s when entrepreneurs like Kimberly Puckett saw a great opportunity to make money in the declining coffee business. In December 1992, they opened the first Caribou Coffee store in Edina, Minnesota.

After that, Caribou Coffee quickly grew in popularity but it faced fierce competition from Starbucks. To distinguish itself from its rivals, Caribou Coffee sought out prime locations for its new openings and put extra effort into providing quality customer service and designing decor that was appealing to customers.

Kim Puckett herself personally oversees the customer services department to ensure loyalty among customers who come back again and again. Today, Caribou Coffee remains a popular coffee brand serving more than just delicious hot beverages.

Caribou Coffee From 1994-1995

By 1994, Caribou Coffee had opened ten stores in the United States, despite some tough competition from Starbucks. With this success and aspirations of further expansion and innovation, John Puckett signed an agreement with Lunds and Byerlys for them to carry Caribou Coffee beans and merchandise in Seattle and Chicago.

This agreement proved successful as their 21 outlets generated $6.45 million in sales that same year. Beverages were a major contributor to this success, accounting for an average of 60% of total revenue, followed by food (20%), coffee beans (15%), and merchandise (5%).

In 1995, Thomas F. Frist, John Puckett’s uncle, James R. Jundt, and other significant investors donated $18 million to the Puckett family, making their task much easier.

It goes without saying that Caribou Coffee wouldn’t have achieved the success it did without these impressive investments which helped make their dreams into a reality!

1996 – Present

Caribou Coffee’s journey to success began in 1996 when its founders, John Puckett and Kim Nesi, set their sights on reaching the 100-store marker. This was no easy task, but after obtaining heavy investments and continuous rounds of funding they were able to make it happen by 1997.

James Jundt, an investor in Caribou Coffee, soon became a major shareholder in the company owning more than 10% of shares at one point. Despite this, Caribou managed to become the fifth-largest chain of coffeehouses in the US alongside Starbucks, Pasqua Coffee, and Gloria Jeans with a whopping $40 million in revenue!

From 1996 onward, Caribou Coffee has seen nothing but success with its stores now spanning over 242 locations around the world – making them one of the biggest names in the coffee business today.

Since 1998, Caribou Coffee has continuously gone from strength to strength. In that year, it struck a deal with Delta Airlines which saw its sales rise to 10 million cups annually. It also made a big move into retail when it tested coffee bags at 20 Target stores during the holiday season before expanding to all stores.

Furthermore, the memorable phrase “Life is Short: Stay Awake for it” further increased the popularity of the company. Jay Willoughby’s leadership was instrumental in driving the success of Caribou Coffee, which grew to a billion-dollar market. His approach to business focused on keeping employees happy while improving stores and expanding its reach across the nation.

Today, Caribou’s reach stretches far beyond US shores; it now has stores in many major Middle East countries including Oman, Bahrain, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar.


The conclusion to the story of Caribou Coffee holds a powerful message. It shows us that determination and passion can help us achieve great things, even when we start with just an idea. The Puckett family was able to take their raw idea and turn it into an international coffeehouse chain of cozy coffee shops.

This illustrates the importance of seizing opportunities and making them work for you. Ultimately, this inspiring story teaches us that anything is possible if we have luck on our side and the will to change.

The moral of the story is that anything is possible if you have luck on your side and a willingness to change. This growth shows us how far dedication and hard work can take you. Caribou Coffee remains headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota – where it all began.

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