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Blonde Roast VS Dark Roast: How Do They Compare? Find Out Here!

Is Blonde Roast Stronger Than Dark Roast? 

Does darker roast mean stronger coffee? Not really.

A blonde roast coffee may be stronger than dark roast coffee – it depends on what factors we’re looking at.

Is it a stronger flavor, acidity, or caffeine level?

Before we go deeper into the common debates about blonde roast coffee and dark roast coffee, let’s learn more about the lesser-known blonde roast first.

What Is A Blonde Roast?

A blonde roast is a light roast – the lightest roast possible. However, Starbucks markets medium roast to light roast under the name of blonde roasts.

It used to be called the cinnamon roast because of its color and the light brown color coffee it produces.

They changed the name because people misunderstood blonde roast-based drinks to be cinnamon-based drinks.

These days, it’s either referred to as blonde roast or simply light roast.

It is roasted in lower temperatures and for a shorter period of time. 

Is Blonde Roast Stronger than Dark Roast? 

Stronger Acidity?

Blonde roasts are more acidic.

Most coffees are acidic, but blonde roasts are more acidic than medium or dark roast coffee because of the nature of their roasting.

Coffee beans release acids and juices when they are roasted. That means more acid will be released from the coffee beans the longer they are roasted. 

As mentioned above, blonde roast coffee beans are medium to light roasts and are roasted in lower temperatures and for a shorter time. 

Less roasting time = less acid released from blonde roasts.

The higher acid level of blonde coffee contributes to the “citrusy” taste of the beverage.

The higher acidity can also be harsher on the stomach and even your teeth.

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Stronger Taste?

Blonde roasts have a milder flavor.

Blonde roast-based coffee beverages tend to be milder than dark roast-based coffee.

The experience and, ultimately, the flavor will vary per individual, but dark roast-based coffee generally has a more bitter, bolder, and earthier flavor than blonde roast-based coffee.

This is because of the shorter coffee roasting process, which allows the blonde roast coffee beans to be more intact.

The intactness of the coffee beans equals levels of bitterness – more intact, less bitter.  

Less bitterness will be released from the blonde roast when they’re brewed.

Stronger Caffeine?

Blonde roasts have more caffeine.

Like acid, the length of roasting also affects the levels of caffeine in coffee beans.

The process of roasting releases caffeine from the coffee beans.

Since blonde roasts are roasted faster than a medium or dark roast, less caffeine escapes from the beans, and more will go to your cup.

Of course, aside from the type of roast, using a different type of bean and brewing process will affect the levels of caffeine in the coffee. 

Coffee beans contain varying amounts of caffeine. Some types of coffee contain more than others.

But, the caffeine content is the same for both blonde roast and dark roast, or any type of coffee, if you measured coffee by weight for brewing. 

Which Is Better For You – Blonde or Dark Roast?

If we’re talking about health benefits, then they both have the same as other types of coffee.

If you need more caffeine boost, then blonde coffee, which has higher caffeine content, may be better for you.

If you’re asking which has better taste? Well, that will depend on your coffee preference. If you want a milder and less bitter coffee flavor, then blonde coffee may be better for you.

If you’re also considering the side effects, dark roast may be better for you if you have a sensitive stomach because the acidity of blonde roasts may trigger your digestive issues. 

If you’re aiming for a higher level of antioxidants, then blonde roasts have more of those than darker roasts. 

Is Blonde Roast Coffee The Same As White Coffee?

Blonde and white coffee have similarities like stronger acidic flavors and lower bitterness, but ultimately, they’re not the same. 

As we know, blonde roasts are light to medium roasts that are roasted in lower temperatures and for a shorter period of time.

White coffee, on the other hand, actually uses under-roasted beans that are roasted at an even lower temperature.

That means blonde coffee has a slightly more bitter flavor than white coffee.

Starbucks Drinks That Use Blonde Roast

 Here are some beverages you can order at Starbucks to experience blonde roasts coffee!

  • Blonde Iced Americano 
  • Blonde Flat White 
  • Blonde Cappuccino
  • Blonde Caffè Latte 
  • Blonde Roast Espresso 

Can You Brew Blonde Roast Coffee At Home?


In fact, blonde roast coffee pods are available in the market for Keurig or Nespresso machine users.

For other brewing methods, you just have to purchase the beans (available on Starbucks) and brew as usual. 

You can use any brewing method you would with other roast levels.

Here are some recipes you can try:

Blonde Latte/ Blonde Vanilla Latte


1 shot of Blonde Roast Espresso 

1 Tbsp Vanilla syrup

175 ml of semi-skimmed milk or milk alternative


Brewing device/ Coffee maker of your choice

Milk frother

Heating device 



1. Brew your Blonde Roast coffee beans into an espresso 

2. Pour your blonde espresso into your coffee cup and add the vanilla syrup 

3. Warm up your milk or milk alternative

4. Froth your milk or milk alternative

5. Mix in the milk with the espresso and top your cup with the remaining foam.

6. Enjoy!

Blonde Roast Iced Coffee


18 g blonde roasted coffee beans

1 cup of boiling water


Sweetener or dairy (optional)


Brewing device of your choice




1. Brew your Blonde Roast coffee beans with boiling water. You can use a french press or other brewing methods you prefer.

2. Cool your coffee (add some ice cubes or leave it in the fridge for a while)

3. Add your coffee to your favorite glass

4. Add ice

5. Stir in some sweetener or dairy if you like.

6. Enjoy!


So, is a blonde roast stronger than a dark roast?

In terms of acidity and caffeine boost, yes. 

But if we’re talking about taste, then no. 

We hope this article helped normal people and coffee connoisseurs alike to get closer to their perfect morning cup of coffee!

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Ellie Patchen

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