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Best Storage Container For Coffee – Reviews 2022

Best Storage Container For Coffee Reviews And Buying Guide [UPDATED 2022]

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Our recommended best storage container for coffee is the Veken 220Z Coffee Canister!

Water is the basis of coffee; ground coffee beans are filtered through water. Therefore, it stands to reason that to produce coffee with the finest flavor, one must use beans with the best flavor and water of the highest quality. However, purchasing poor-quality beans, something virtually everyone can do in this day and age, is not always the weakest link in the chain of producing poor-quality coffee. It has to do with the way the beans are kept!

After being roasted, coffee beans experience a gradual loss of taste due to oxidation. Tim Schofield, the Digital Marketing Manager of Ritual Coffee in San Francisco, believes that an airtight container is the best glass option for storing coffee. Because a process known as oxidation leads to stale or sour tastes by destroying the outside surfaces of the bean, oxygen is the number one adversary when it comes to the freshness of roasted coffee.

Because there is a greater surface area for the coffee bean to oxidize when ground, ground coffee loses its freshness more quickly than whole-bean coffee, the surface area of a bean is less when it is whole. Tim also brings up an important point: too much exposure to UV radiation might harm even ounces of coffee beans.

However, John Maniquis, who was once the coffee director at Pinterest HQ, claims that he prefers to use a transparent glass vessel not just for reasons of aesthetics but also so that he can gauge how much coffee is remaining in the container. He puts the container somewhere dark and out of the light, like a pantry.

Thankfully, there is a wide variety of coffee storage containers available on the market today that may help prevent oxidation and keep coffee fresh. We looked far and wide and put various containers through their paces to identify the canisters of coffee that are now on the market that are the very finest. These canisters may be used for making espresso in the afternoon or cold brew during the summer.

What follows are a few suggestions I have for ensuring the longevity of your coffee beans, which will allow you to brew the finest coffee possible.

1. Veken 220Z Coffee Canister – Editor’s Choice

The Veken 220Z coffee canister is one of the best options, especially for storing ground coffee, because it has an indicator for vacuum seal that prevents air from escaping. With an innovative design, It is built with a CO2 valve that only allows gas to go in one direction. Thus, it prevents oxygen from getting into the coffee while allowing it to degas. During the testing procedure, our examiner could not find any other container that had a date wheel like the one that was located on top of the lid of this coffee canister. This date wheel allows you to determine how long your coffee has been stored. As part of the purchase, Coffee Gator provides the customer with a stainless steel measuring scoop and four replacement valves.

This canister comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Our resident barista tested the 1lb capacity of the medium canisters, which worked perfectly for whole bean or ground coffees. To test the integrity of the airtight vacuum seal, we filled the canisters with a hot tap and held them upside down above the sink. No matter what position we put the canisters in, they remained completely dry. We also tried cleaning the canisters with a sponge and no soap and found that the canisters were easy to clean.


  • Lock that is both reliable and simple to operate.
  • In a nutshell, the calendar spins to keep tabs on how recent produce
  • Very long-lasting


  • A jangling sound is coming from the clasp.

2. Yangbaga 304 Stainless Steel Coffee Containers – Best Selling

The Yangbaga 304 Stainless steel coffee canisters come in various sizes and shapes. They are made of high-quality stainless steel and feature a unique and sleek design that makes them easy to store and carry around. The canisters are designed to hold up to five pounds of actual coffee beans. The canisters are equipped with a locking mechanism that keeps the lid secure. The canisters are also leakproof and do not require complete or deep cleaning.


  • It comes with a carrying case.


  • There is no date indicator on the canister.

3. Stahala Glass Coffee Containers with Airtight Locking Clamp Bamboo Lids – Runner Up

The Stahala is an airtight canister made of durable borosilicate glass and an affordable coffee canister. They are ideal for storing coffee beans and ground coffee. With a modern design, the canisters are leakproof and come with an airtight clamping lid. The lids are made of bamboo and are extremely lightweight. The canisters are available in several different sizes. They are perfect for storing coffee beans and grinding machines. It also looks good as a kitchen canister, enhancing the kitchen decor.


  • Good built-quality
  • Easy to clean


  • The spoons that come along this canister are of very bad quality.

Before purchasing coffee canisters, what should you consider?

1. Materials

Canisters for coffee are available in various materials, including robust stainless steel, durable plastic models, and even delicate glass. Your aesthetic preferences and how you plan to use the material should guide your decision. The most durable of all materials, stainless steel, will prevent UV light from degrading the beans by acting as a barrier between them and the beans.

Plastic is the lightest and most easily transportable material. It may shield the contents from the sun’s ultraviolet rays or indicate how many beans are still in the container. Although it is the most brittle of the materials, glass is a superb clear-color option for individuals who prefer readily seeing how many coffee beans are still in the container after using some. However, this solution may not be suitable for many homes.

2. Capacity

Coffee connoisseurs often advise buying fewer coffee pods at a time to maximize the duration of its excellent freshness. While the logic behind this is good, it may not be the best practical solution for people unable to make weekly trips to the supermarket or coffee supply shop. Determine the optimal size of the storage unit for your needs. You should get a smaller container if you like to have the budget option of buying coffee vaults regularly or if you have less counter space. It makes perfect sense to get a bigger container if you typically buy coffee in bulk.

Remember that not all beans are the same size; their dimensions vary. There is a possibility that the volume of one pound of roasted beans purchased from one place is not identical to the amount of one pound of beans purchased from a different brand or supplier. Because peaberry beans, in particular, are more compact and thick than ordinary pounds of coffee beans, a greater quantity of beans may be contained inside a given space.

3. Maintenance

It would help if you always used a clean coffee jar. Some of their oils may go rancid if the coffee beans touch the container. Use should determine how often you give the container a good scrub down. Depending on the material and brand, most canisters may be washed safely either by hand or periodically in the dishwasher (without the lid).

Moreover, dust or grounds may clog vacuum lids and CO2 valves, preventing an airtight seal. It is advised that you clean the lid occasionally or replace the valve if you see that the container is not closing correctly. This is especially true if you have noticed that it has been leaking. It is important to remember that the tight seal lids found on many containers make them unsafe for use in the dishwasher. Most vacuum-sealing lids need not be immersed in water under any circumstances.

Always read the directions packaged with the reliable coffee canister to learn the most effective approach to occasional cleaning and maintaining your container and the frequency with which you should perform these tasks.

Moreover, you should also read our previous article about the best storage container for coffee.

Frequently asked questions – FAQs

1. Why do you need a coffee storage container?

Okay, so coffee beans are more delicate than you may think. If you don’t take care of them correctly, they’ll give you a cup of coffee scoop that’s not very good. Ask any coffee roaster about how even minute shifts in factors like temperature, drum speed, or airflow may significantly impact the final flavor of a cup of coffee. Despite all of this, one factor that has a significant negative impact on roasted coffee is air, especially oxygen.

When coffee beans are exposed to oxygen for an extended period, they start to oxidize, which causes the complex soluble compounds that are delicately balanced to begin to break down, ultimately resulting in a brew with less flavor. This is very similar to how iron rusts when exposed to oxygen.

Because the surface area of the coffee expands as it is ground finer, this phenomenon occurs at a much higher frequency as the coffee is processed. This is because the surface area of the coffee grows larger when the coffee is ground finer.

2. How should you store coffee?

Coffee ought to be kept in an airtight coffee storage unit, which may take the form of a container, coffee bag, tin, canister, or can, depending on what you believe to be the most convenient backup option. So long as there is no way for air to enter. Several points to keep in mind about the method of coffee preservation that you have chosen.

To begin, you may discover that gasses are escaping from the coffee beans if the beans are still pretty young, and it has only been a couple of days since they were roasted. In this scenario, the beans are said to be “fresh.”

This is a natural occurrence, and it is for this reason that coffee is typically matured for around five days in the roastery before it is brewed. In this situation, it could be beneficial to use coffee storage that has a valve so that the gasses can quickly escape.

There is also the possibility that you may come across vacuum coffee storage. These are often containers that include a technique that requires the user’s physical intervention to remove air from the container. These containers are the next step up in coffee storage, and they truly keep your coffee smelling and tasting fresh for longer.

It will help you greatly if you read our expert buyer’s guide to buying the best cold-brew coffee grounds.

3. Is it okay to freeze coffee?

The response might be either yes or no, depending on how seriously you take what has been stated. The answer is yes if you are a true coffee connoisseur and have access to a deep freezer.

It is possible to put your coffee in a vacuum bag and then freeze it. After being ground and brewed, the coffee does not lose any pristine quality or nuanced characteristics.

If, on the other hand, you plan to place the coffee inside your freezer, then you should know that doing so will not improve the flavor of your coffee.

This is because although a freezer is effective at removing moisture from its surrounding environment to prevent the growth of germs, the precise balance of moisture inside coffee beans generates the flavor profile of coffee with a subtle taste.

When iced coffee is thawed, the condensation that forms on the surface of the coffee is reabsorbed by the coffee, leaving a neutral and uninteresting taste.

4. Is storing coffee beans in stainless steel good?

A coffee canister made of stainless steel is an excellent choice of material. In general, you want to keep coffee beans in a container that does not let any light through; stainless steel is an excellent option.

Many individuals are under the impression that coffee canisters are made of stainless steel for no other reason than to make them appear more fashionable. This material is required since moisture is one of coffee’s deadliest enemies, despite the design being modern and streamlined.

Our #1 Storage Container For Coffee

Our number one storage container for coffee is Veken 220Z Coffee Canister because of its modern, sleek design and ultra durability,

As runner-up, we recommend the Yangbaga 304 Stainless Steel Coffee Containers because of their affordable price and pack of two canisters.