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Best Ice Coffee / Cold Brew Maker – Reviews 2022

Best Ice Coffee / Cold Brew Maker Reviews And Buying Guide [UPDATED 2022]

Short on time?

Our recommended ice coffee / cold brew maker is  Mr. Coffee 4-in-1 Single-Serve Latte Lux!

If you purchase a cold brew on your way to work regularly, you know the high cost associated with this seemingly innocuous morning ritual. There has never been a better time to get a cold brew coffee machine for your house because costs are gradually creeping upward (I recently spent $7 for a cold brew in Miami), and this trend is expected to continue.

A perfect cold brew requires more work than it might seem at first. To make the perfect cup of coffee, you need to use the right kind of grounds (coarse), steep them for the right period of time (overnight), and filter them properly in the early morning. Who better to remark on the art of cold brew coffee than those who earn a living as its practitioners?

Three baristas tested the cold brew we prepared in our studio in Brooklyn and tried out 10 different cold brew coffee machines. We were interested in hearing their thoughts on the color, flavor, concentration, and overall experience drinking the cold brew. They discovered that the Mr. Coffee 4-in-1 Single-Serve Latte Lux, which is simple to operate, was the best option for producing traditional cold brew. Keurig K-Slim + ICED Single Serve Coffee Maker was the best choice for cold brew coffee, which is adaptable and produces both concentrates and full-size carafes. Please continue reading to find out all you need to know about the finest cold-brew coffee machines, as recommended by our specialists.

No matter how many iced coffee cravings you have, using the correct coffee maker for brewing recipes will make your coffee taste delicious, whether hot or iced. To compile this list of our 3 top picks for iced coffee makers, the Mugs Cafe crew subjected iced coffee makers to rigorous testing and evaluation over the warm summer months. After determining which iced coffee machine is most suitable for your needs, you should go through our mouthwatering iced coffee beans recipes for some inspiring new ideas.

1. Mr. Coffee 4-in-1 Single-Serve Latte Lux – Editor’s Choice

Mr. Coffee is another popular brand of single-serve coffee makers. Their products are very similar to those of Nespresso, except that they don’t offer the same level of customization. You can choose between paper, reusable, and stainless steel reusable filters.

You can make hot or cold beverages using this machine. It’s a simple device that requires minimal maintenance. It has a built-in milk frother, so you don’t need to purchase one separately.

You can adjust the strength of the coffee akin by changing the amount of pressure applied to the plunger. This allows you to get exactly what you want without wasting time.

The Mr. Coffee 4-In-1 Single-Served Latte Lux is available in two sizes: 8 oz and 16 oz. It also comes with a carafe, so you can keep refilling as needed.

Mr. Coffee is well-known for its durability and reliability. It’s been on the market for over 20 years and remains among the top choices.

Its sleek and modern design makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It’s also very easy to clean, thanks to its removable parts.

It’s not the most expensive option, but it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a reliable and versatile single-serve coffee maker.


  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with everything you need for a cold coffee


  • Not the best choice for people who prefer stronger coffee

2. Keurig K-Slim + ICED Single Serve Coffee Maker – Best Selling

If you’re looking for a single serve brewer that will produce great-tasting coffee at home, then the Keurig K-Cup Slim Brewer is the ideal choice. It produces up to 10 cups of fresh coffee per 12oz package of ground coffee. Its compact size means that it won’t take up much space in your kitchen counter and is easy to clean.

It’s compatible with all standard-sized Keurig brewers. It includes a removable water tank, which will work with either regular tap water or filtered water. It’s equipped with a programmable timer, and it’d be nice if there were some indicator light when the coffee is ready.

The Keurig K-cups are made from recyclable materials and contain no BPA or phthalates. They come in various flavors, including hazelnut, cappuccino, espresso, mocha, French vanilla, and pumpkin spice.

Keurigs are known for their ease of use and convenience, but unfortunately, they aren’t always convenient. For example, you need to buy special pods that fit into the machines and replace them every few months. The Keurig K-cup Slim brewer doesn’t require any of these things.

The Keurigs are designed to look like a traditional drip coffee maker, which is why they’re sometimes called “pod coffee makers.” But they do something different. Instead of pre-ground beans, they use specially designed capsules filled with coffee bed grounds. These capsules can last for years and are designed to ensure that the coffee tastes fresh even after several weeks.

This is an excellent product that offers many benefits. It’s affordable, easy to use, and it makes good quality coffee for coffee lovers. However, it does lack some important features. For instance, it doesn’t include a grinder attachment, and it doesn’t have a programmable feature.

This is an excellent product that comes with a lot of useful features. It’s easy to use, durable and makes delicious coffee. Unfortunately, it lacks some important features. For example, it doesn’t include a grinder attachment.


  • Easy to use
  • Good value for money
  • Produces high-quality coffee


  • Doesn’t include a grinders
  • Requires cleaning

3. Mr. Coffee Iced and Hot Coffee Maker, Single Serve Machine – Runner Up

I must confess that I have a preference for coffee drinks that is prepared with a filter. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside whenever I hear water being boiled in a machine and the steady trickle of water once it is done because it reminds me of the simpler times. With the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker, you can enjoy the simple pleasure of freshly brewed coffee with a filter drip in just a few minutes, and it comes with a portable tumbler that allows you to carry a single serving pour away with you, especially if you are an iced coffee lover. The handbook for the iced coffee maker states that you are free to use any cup or mug you choose. However, it comes with a cup to fit into the depression incorporated into the machine’s body directly below the spout. The tumbler that was provided is a perfect 22 ounces. However, the container, straw, and cap are not dishwasher safe, which is a major letdown.

Even though this product does not brew chilled coffee scoops and does not store coffee samples in a cold state so that it can be dispensed immediately, the fact that it can be used to make both hot and iced coffee makes it a potentially appealing purchase for anyone who enjoys drinking both types of coffee. If you want to make a fantastic cup of hot coffee, you may use a Mr. Iced Coffee Maker to brew the coffee directly into an empty mug or cup rather than pouring it over ice, and then you can add whatever milk or sweetener you choose. You may also use a tumbler packed with coffee ice cubes to serve your iced drink as an alternative.

This particular iced coffee maker generated a coffee flavor that was not as robust as that created by the other iced coffee makers that we put to the test. Additionally, the roast level produced by this device was closer to that of a genuine medium roast than a robust dark roast. Because I don’t generally keep paper filters for coffee in the house, so receiving the reusable nylon coffee filter was a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

Additionally, this has a lower impact on the environment. If you already have a high-tech coffee maker, the best way to cut costs and save money is to serve the coffee drip over ice and use the coffee hot machine you already have. Another option available from the company is the Mr. Coffee® Single-Serve FrappeTM, Iced, Hot Coffee Maker and Blender. This model features a blender built right into the machine, and this may be the one distinctive design element that the Iced Coffee maker on its own is lacking.


  • The brew time of +3-4 minutes
  • Two in one, as it also brews steaming coffee
  • Plus, the filter may be used more than once.
  • Affordable


  • Lack of unique characteristics
  • Required to wash hands prior its use

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What to consider before buying an iced coffee maker?

Before purchasing your first iced coffee maker, what features should you prioritize? The buyer’s guide will walk you through the most important considerations.

1. Capacity

The size of your coffee machine will play a big role in determining what type of coffee maker you choose. A small travel mug won’t fit in a large French press, nor will a large travel mug fit in a compact single-serve brewer.

Most people drink more than one cup of espresso each time they buy it. To save yourself some trouble, look for machines that hold enough water to brew several servings. Avoid models that make just one serving at a time because they don’t contain enough storage capacity.

Another factor to consider is capacity, specifically whether you’ll make enough iced coffees for a single serving, several servings, or the entire family. Most people like to start with a single cup of coffee, but some prefer to have a few extra cups ready throughout the day.

If you’re brewing coffee for yourself and a guest, you might want to purchase a larger capacity model. This way, you can keep everyone well-supplied without worrying about running out of coffee.

A good rule of thumb is to buy a coffee maker that holds at least twice as much coffee as you think you’ll use in a week. This way, you don’t run out of cafe-quality iced coffee too quickly and always have plenty of hot beverages to enjoy.

If you don’t have enough countertop space, the most compact appliances tend to be slim and fit well into small spaces. These are ideal for hiding them behind decorative objects, such as a bookcase or a shelf.

2. Material

Next, consider the material of the coffee maker itself. Glass carafes are easy to clean and look nice, but they won’t hold up well against heat. Stainless steel carafes are durable and don’t break easily, but they’re harder to keep clean. Plastic carafes are sturdy and dishwasher safe, but they’ll cost less upfront.

There are also several different materials used to make the coffee machine itself. Some machines use borosilicate glass, while others use stainless steel. Both materials provide excellent and consistent taste, but borosilicate glass tends to crack over time due to heat. This type of glass is also easier to clean, though it requires special care.

Glass carafes are generally preferred because they’re easy to clean and look good. However, they tend to crack over time and aren’t very durable. Stainless steel carafes are much sturdier than glass and are often coated with enamel to help protect against stains. They’re easy to clean, too, and can last longer than glass. But they’re also fairly expensive.

3. Brewing time

The next consideration is how long it takes to brew your coffee. Some people prefer a quick cup of java, while others want something stronger. A fast and cold brewing process can save money, but it might mean that you end up drinking coffee grounds along with your morning beverage.

Plenty of low-cost solutions exist if you’re looking for a cheap way to make coffee. For example, you could buy a disposable filter and a reusable mug. Or, if you’d rather spend a little extra cash, you could invest in a high-end drip brewer. You can even go all out and build yourself a custom espresso machine.

4. Brew options

Coffee makers come in many forms — some are dedicated to making one thing, while others are multipurpose machines. Some even make both hot and cold beverages. Which type of brewer best fits your needs? We’ve got you covered. Here are five types of brewers and what each does best.

  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker: Cold brew coffee makers work differently than traditional drip coffee makers. Instead of steeping ground beans in hot water, cold brew coffee makers steep whole beans overnight. This process extracts more flavor from the beans, resulting in a stronger cup.
  • Dedicated Iced Coffee Maker: If you drink iced coffee daily, investing in a machine specializing in iced drinks makes sense. These units heat up quickly and keep the temperature steady throughout the cold brewing cycle. They’ll also allow you to control the strength of the brewed beverage.
  • Multi-Functional Brewer: A multi-functional brewer combines the functions of a regular drip coffee maker and an icemaker into one device. You can use it to brew either hot or cold beverages, depending on how much you care about consistency.

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Iced coffee makers vs. Cold brew coffee makers

Coffee is brewed hot and then allowed to cool as the basis for the classic preparation of iced coffee. This is a more conventional approach to making a drink for the summer, and the drink created using this approach typically has a more vibrant and exciting flavor.

The term “cold brew” refers to a method of preparing coffee in which no heat is applied at any point in the process. To make cold brew, coarse grinds are steeped in water for an extended period of time—typically between 24 and 48 hours. The end product is a sweet, extremely concentrated combination with very low acidity.

Because this procedure is so long, some notes that would normally either remain dormant in the grounds or be overpowered by more pungent and astringent notes may be extracted. Because of this, people often agree that cold brew tastes less harsh and more reminiscent of chocolate.

When determining how to satisfy your want for iced coffee or cold brew, it is important to consider the distinctions between these two approaches to making the beverage. If you’re not sure whether or not you want to brew coffee for chilling, here are some key things to think about in case you are. Maybe you already know that you want a quick method to do it.

1. Taste

One of the most noticeable distinctions between cold brew and iced coffee is how the coffee is brewed. When you take a sip of either beverage, it is obvious that there is a difference between the two. In general, cold brew coffee is more decadent and has a flavor profile reminiscent of chocolate. Coffee that has been chilled might have a more astringent flavor, and it frequently keeps its fruity notes.

This is because the cold brew method depends on a prolonged extraction. Because of this, cold brew can extract the deepest flavor compounds buried in the coffee grounds. These are the notes that are darker and more bitter. This is something that appeals to a great number of coffee enthusiasts. Still, there is a drawback: the cold brew method has the potential to mask the more nuanced taste characteristics, such as brightness and fruitiness.

Iced coffee is the way to go if you want to keep these softer tones intact in the beverage’s flavor. The quicker you can bring the temperature of your coffee down, the more of its lightness will be retained.

2. Caffeine content 

There is one thing that connects all of us, coffee consumers, even though many of us may go back and forth indefinitely about the distinctive tastes of coffee: we all like our caffeine. If you are always conscious of the amount of caffeine you consume, you should be aware of the variations between cold brew and iced coffee concerning the amount of caffeine they contain.

Cold-brew coffee generally has a significantly higher amount of caffeine than regular drip coffee. If you want a particularly powerful pick-me-up first thing in the morning, you should probably stick with the cold brew technique of making coffee rather than trying anything else. Stick with the classic iced coffee; you’d rather avoid the shaking caused by caffeine.

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Frequently asked questions –  FAQs

1. Is iced coffee just coffee with ice in it?

Regular hot coffee is used to prepare iced coffee, which is then allowed to cool fully before being served over ice. Therefore, it is iced coffee, but a significant amount of ice is in it to give it a pleasant coolness.

2. Why is cold brew better than iced coffee?

Because the oils, sugars, and caffeine in coffee are extracted from the bean through time rather than heat, the final product of cold brew coffee is often less acidic and harsh than iced coffee.

3. Do you use hot or cold water for iced coffee?

You may create iced coffee by diluting it with cold water and ice, but you can add hot water, milk, soda water, or any other beverage you want to combine. The most straightforward method is to make iced coffee. Because of the mildness of its flavor, it goes well with various dishes.

Our #1 Iced Coffee / Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Our number coffee maker for iced coffee / cold brew is Mr. Coffee 4-in-1 Single-Serve Latte Lux because of its wide range of options and value for money.

As runner-up, we recommend Keurig K-Slim + ICED Single Serve Coffee Maker because of its slim design and easy-to-use functionality.