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Best Coffee Machine For Small Cafe In 2023

Best Coffee Machine For Small Cafe In 2023

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and small cafes are popping up all around us to meet the demand. If you’re running a small cafe, you know that having the right coffee machine is essential for success. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the best one? In this article, we’ll give you all the info you need to find the perfect coffee machine for your small cafe.

The first thing to consider when choosing a coffee machine is budget. You want a model that won’t break the bank but still offers quality brewing capabilities. Luckily there are plenty of models within any budget range, so finding one shouldn’t be too difficult.

Next, consider your cafe’s needs. Do customers come in looking for specialty drinks like cappuccinos and lattes? Or do they just prefer basic espresso and Americano? Depending on what your customers prefer, you may need to look for machines with advanced features like milk frothing or adjustable temperature settings.

Now that you know what to look for in a coffee machine, it’s time to start shopping! We’ll provide more detailed information about different models and their features in this article so that you can make an informed decision about which one is best for your small cafe.

1. Best Value: Ascaso Barista T Plus

If you’re on the hunt for the best value commercial espresso machine, look no further than the Ascaso Barista T Plus. This semi-automatic espresso machine is the perfect choice for baristas and small cafes looking to get their foot in the door. It’s an affordable machine with all of the features of a professional grade espresso maker, making it a great option for those who want consistency in every shot.

The Ascaso Barista T Plus has a 2-liter boiler and 1.5-liter water tank, allowing you to make multiple shots without having to refill or wait for steam pressure to build up. You’ll have total control over your shots thanks to its adjustable volumetric dosing system, which allows you to fine tune each shot’s volume according to taste. The stainless steel body ensures durability so that your investment will last for years of quality espresso drinks.

For those who want high quality coffee at an unbeatable price, the Ascaso Barista T Plus is an ideal choice. From its intuitive controls and adjustable settings to its robust construction, this machine delivers on all fronts. With consistent results every time, it’s sure to please even the most discerning coffee connoisseur!

2. Best For Design: Sanremo Café Racer

The Sanremo Café Racer is a semi-automatic espresso machine that is perfect for small cafes. It has a unique push-pull steam system which allows baristas to quickly and easily produce delicious tasting espresso beverages. The machine is also great for design, as it has a sleek and artistic looking design that makes it desirable in any cafe setting.

The Café Racer also comes with an intuitive touchscreen display that shows the current temperature of the boiler and allows users to adjust the settings as needed. The machine also includes other features such as an automatic shut off, adjustable pre-infusion time, and a built-in shot timer for consistent results each time. Additionally, this machine is easy to clean and maintain, making it a great choice for busy cafes.

The Sanremo Café Racer is an ideal choice for small cafes looking to upgrade their equipment without compromising on quality or style. With its attractive design, intuitive controls and reliable performance, this espresso machine will provide years of service and consistently deliver excellent results.

3. Best For Baristas: La Marzocco Kb90 Av W/ Scales

The La Marzocco KB90 AV w/ Scales espresso machine is the perfect addition to any small cafe. This feature-packed machine offers barista control over every aspect of the coffee-making process, making it ideal for employees with varying skill levels. It features a convenient dual boiler system and built-in scales for precise measurement of coffee grounds, as well as a steam wand for quickly frothing milk. The KB90 also boasts advanced technology like programmable shot timers and pressure profiling, allowing baristas to customize drinks to customer preferences.

What truly sets this machine apart is its electronic interface that gives baristas complete control over their espresso shots. From grind settings to extraction times, the user-friendly display allows users to adjust settings on the fly. The ergonomic design includes a spacious area for milk pitchers and grinders, so baristas can move around freely while preparing drinks. Plus, it comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring peace of mind in case you experience any issues down the line.

This machine is an excellent choice for small cafe owners who want a reliable espresso machine without sacrificing quality or ease of use. Its combination of advanced technology and barista control make it possible for employees at all skill levels to craft delicious lattes and cappuccinos with minimal effort. With its sleek design and intuitive controls, this machine is sure to be an asset to your business!

4. Best For High Volume: La Marzocco Linea Pb

For a small cafe looking for a high-volume espresso machine, the La Marzocco Linea PB is an excellent choice. This machine has an hourly sales capacity of up to 200 espressos, making it ideal for busy peak volume times. It also features maximum steam capacity, so baristas can quickly and efficiently make multiple drinks simultaneously. Additionally, it’s easy to use, even for those with a lower skill level.

The La Marzocco Linea PB also includes many extra features that make it stand out from other machines. It has advanced temperature control, allowing baristas to adjust the heat of the water used in each drink. It also has programmable volumetric dosing controls that allow baristas to customize their drinks with ease. Finally, it includes integrated cleaning and maintenance programs that help keep the machine running smoothly and efficiently over time.

This versatile espresso machine is an ideal choice for any small cafe looking to serve high-quality coffee drinks in high volumes. Its impressive features make it easy to use, while its robust design ensures that it can handle peak volume times without breaking down or slowing down service. With its range of features and capabilities, the La Marzocco Linea PB is sure to exceed expectations and meet the needs of any busy cafe.

5. Best Entry-Level: Sanremo Zoe Competition

The Sanremo Zoe Competition is an ideal entry-level coffee machine for small cafes. This automatic machine boasts several features that make it ideal for those who don’t have a lot of space or the budget for a larger, more expensive model. It incorporates two dosing means to make sure that each drink comes out perfect every time. Plus, its certifications matter because they ensure that it meets all industry standards.

The Sanremo Zoe Competition also has a roomier design than some of its competitors, so you can make multiple drinks at once without worrying about crowding or interfering with other machines in your cafe. You can also count on it to deliver consistent temperature and pressure during brewing, thanks to the automated steam wand feature. And since this machine is so user-friendly, you won’t need to spend extra money on training baristas how to operate it.

Overall, the Sanremo Zoe Competition is an excellent choice for small cafes looking for an entry-level coffee machine that won’t break the bank and still delivers excellent results. With its easy operation and reliable performance, this model will give you everything you need to serve up delicious coffee drinks with ease.

6. Best For Small Spaces: Ascaso Baby T Plus

Ah, the allure of a small cafe. The hustle and bustle of customers, the enticing aroma of freshly-brewed coffee, and the ability to create a cozy atmosphere with just a few machine choices. The Ascaso Baby T Plus is one such choice that can bring this dream to life.

At only 15 inches deep, this direct connect machine is perfect for tight spaces. It offers two double shot buttons for quick espresso shots paired with an independent pid control that allows you to adjust the temperature of each group head separately. This means you can perfectly craft your espresso drinks without having to worry about compromising quality or taste.

The Ascaso Baby T Plus also offers an integrated steam wand and cup warmer which are great for keeping drinks warm and making sure each cup is prepped for latte art perfection. And it’s not just quality; it looks good too – with its sleek design and polished finish, this machine is sure to be a showstopper in any small cafe setting.

So if you’re looking for a high-quality coffee machine that won’t take up too much space, then the Ascaso Baby T Plus is definitely worth considering!

7. Best For Busy Cafés: Sanremo F18

Moving on, the Sanremo F18 is the best option for busy cafés. It’s a commercial machine with dual boilers and all the necessary features to serve customers quickly and efficiently. It’s perfect for those who need to prepare multiple beverages at once, as it has two steam wands and two hot water outlets. Additionally, it offers baristas a great degree of control over their drinks, allowing them to adjust the temperature and pressure of each shot separately. This saves time and ensures that each cup of coffee tastes just the way it should.

The Sanremo F18 also has an impressive range of pour over machines available. These allow baristas to make specialty drinks quickly and easily while still ensuring they get excellent flavor out of every cup. They come with adjustable pre-infusion times, giving baristas more control over brewing parameters such as temperature, grind size, and extraction time. The result is high-quality drinks made in record time – perfect for those busy cafés!

Finally, this machine is incredibly reliable and has been designed with efficiency in mind. Its sophisticated electronics ensure consistent results every time while its easy-to-use interface allows baristas to focus on making great drinks rather than worrying about technical issues. This makes the Sanremo F18 an ideal choice for cafes that need quality beverages quickly without sacrificing flavor or quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of Each Of The Coffee Machines?

When it comes to coffee machines, one of the most important factors is cost. Different models can range from moderately priced to expensive, depending on the features and quality that each has to offer. This article will explore the cost of coffee machines and how to find the right one for a small cafe.

The price of a coffee machine varies based on its features and capabilities. For example, some models may be able to make multiple types of drinks while others only offer basic options. Additionally, some coffee machines are designed for commercial use while others are more suitable for home use. It’s important to consider both the size and needs of the cafe when selecting a model.

Once you’ve determined which features you need in a coffee machine, you can start researching prices. Many online retailers offer competitive prices on different models and brands. It’s also possible to find discounts or sales on certain items if you shop around enough. Another option is to visit local stores and talk with experts who can help recommend specific models that fit your budget and needs.

Ultimately, finding an affordable yet reliable coffee machine for a small cafe involves researching different models, considering how much use it’ll get and staying within your budget. With careful consideration, it should be possible to find a great option that fits all these criteria without breaking the bank!

Does Each Machine Come With Any Warranty?

When deciding which machine to purchase, one of the key questions is whether it comes with a warranty. Warranties provide peace of mind in case something goes wrong and can save money if the machine needs repairs. This article will discuss the warranties offered on different coffee machines for small cafes.

Different manufacturers offer different types of warranties on their machines. Some may include a full-coverage warranty that covers all parts and labor costs while others may only cover certain components or require extra fees for added coverage. Additionally, some manufacturers offer extended warranties that last longer than the standard period, allowing customers to extend their coverage beyond what is initially provided.

It’s important to research each manufacturer’s warranty policies before making a purchase decision. Understanding how long the warranty lasts, what parts are covered, and if there are any extra fees associated with it can help you make an informed purchasing decision and ensure your cafe has reliable equipment for years to come.

No matter which machine you choose, be sure to read through the warranty policies carefully so you know exactly what’s covered before making your purchase. Doing so will help ensure you get the best value for your money and protect your investment in case something does go wrong with your cafe’s coffee machine.

Do Any Of The Machines Come With Pre-Programmed Settings?

When considering the purchase of a new coffee machine, one of the important factors to consider is whether or not any of the machines come with pre-programmed settings. This can be incredibly useful for those who don’t have much experience making coffee, as it can save time and hassle in getting the perfect cup.

The good news is that many modern machines come with a variety of pre-programmed settings that allow you to quickly set up the machine to your desired taste. Some machines even have the ability to store different settings for different drinks, so you can easily switch between them without having to reprogram each time.

For those looking for a reliable, easy-to-use coffee maker for their small cafe, pre-programmed settings are an excellent feature that can make life much easier. With the right machine, you’ll be able to quickly produce consistent high quality coffee with minimal effort.

Is There Any Difference In The Type Of Coffee Beans Used?

When it comes to brewing a perfect cup of coffee, the type of beans used is an important factor. From light and sweet to dark and bold, the flavor of each cup depends on the particular blend of beans chosen. There can be a great deal of difference between the types of beans, so it’s important to consider what kind would be best suited for any given cafe.

The right choice can often depend on geography, as different regions may have different preferences when it comes to coffee. In addition, some cafes may prefer certain blends that have been developed specifically for them. Those looking for a unique flavor might opt for specialty beans from around the world. Alternatively, those more focused on consistency might choose single origin coffees or blends from their region.

No matter what kind of coffee machine is chosen, understanding which type of bean best complements its features is essential for ensuring quality and customer satisfaction every time. While this may take some experimentation and research at first, once the perfect combination has been found it can make all the difference in a successful cafe experience.

Are Any Of The Machines Energy Efficient?

When considering the best coffee machine for a small cafe, it’s important to evaluate its efficiency. Are any of the machines energy efficient? This is an important question to consider when making a purchase.

Energy efficiency is key for any business, but especially for those with limited resources such as small cafes. Since electricity costs can add up quickly, a machine that uses less energy can help save money in the long run. An energy-efficient machine also helps reduce emissions and has a smaller environmental impact.

Fortunately, there are many coffee machines on the market today that are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Many of these machines come with special features such as adjustable power settings or insulation to retain heat better and keep energy use low. It’s worth researching these models to find one that fits your needs and budget.

No matter which coffee machine you choose for your small cafe, it pays to do your research and make sure it’s energy efficient so you can save money and reduce your environmental impact over time.


So now that you’ve seen the different types of coffee machines, which one is the best for your small cafe? It really depends on what kind of coffee you want to serve and the budget you have. If you need a quick solution that won’t break your budget, then a pod machine will do the trick. But if you’re after a more sophisticated option with pre-programmed settings, then perhaps an espresso machine would be a better fit. And if energy efficiency is important to you, don’t forget to check how efficient each machine is before making your final decision.

Ultimately, choosing the right coffee machine for your small cafe can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. By considering all the factors – cost, warranty, pre-programmed settings, type of beans used and energy efficiency – you’ll be able to make an informed decision that will help bring your cafe’s coffee game up a notch. How exciting!

And remember: whatever coffee machine you choose should not only fit into your budget but also meet all of your needs and preferences. After all, it’s important to get the perfect cup of coffee for both yourself and your customers. So go ahead – pick out the best coffee machine for your small cafe and enjoy!

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