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Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker – Reviews 2022

Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker Reviews [UPDATED 2022]

Short on time?

Our recommended automatic pour over coffee maker is Gevi 4-in-1 Smart Pour-over Coffee Machine!

An excellent alternative for coffee connoisseurs who like coffee prepared with a pour-over method but would rather not put in the work required to prepare it themselves is the purchase of an automatic pour over coffee maker.

If you are reading this, there is a good possibility that you take your coffee brewing at home quite seriously. On the other hand, seasoned coffee consumers may look down on coffee machines drip coffee instead of brewing it. Like so many other products and services, coffee makers benefit immensely from the rapid development of technology, resulting in continuous innovation. Some automated pour-over coffee makers combine the control and precision of a traditional pour-over coffee maker with the convenience of a drip coffee maker.

In preparation for this detailed analysis, we have shortlisted many of the top automated pour-over coffee makers. There is sure to be something in this buying advice that will work for you if you are in the market for a coffee maker that makes drip coffee.

Do you know the difference between an automatic pour over coffee maker and a drip coffee maker?

The similarities between an automatic pour-over coffee maker and a drip coffee maker are so great that it can be difficult to distinguish between the two types. In the end, all that is required of you is to turn each one on, add your grounds, and push the switch. Before you know it, hot water will begin to trickle through the grounds, producing coffee. Most of the greatest guides for pour over coffee makers regard drip coffee makers and pour over coffee makers as equivalents.

However, because the phrase “Pour over” is included in the title, each automated pour over a coffee machine that we will discuss is capable of producing coffee with a quality that is as comparable as possible to that produced by a manual pour over method.

If you’re a fan of brewing coffee with a pour-over coffee maker, you’re probably well aware of the minor factors that may significantly impact the final product’s flavor and aroma. These elements are the water temperature, the brewing duration, and the brew ratio. You don’t have to worry about these factors while using an automated coffee maker that uses the pour-over method, which is one of the major advantages of using such a machine. This shows that it is not required to set a timer or scale to produce coffee that has flowered, saturated, and been extracted optimally. The goal here is to obtain coffee that has been extracted optimally.

On the other hand, you may anticipate receiving a finished product that will more than meet your expectations.

Meanwhile, many traditional coffee makers that use a drip method cannot heat the water to the ideal level. If they do, the temperature is not kept at the same level throughout the procedure. The coffee left behind is usually unpleasant, tasteless, and poorly extracted since the water was either too cold or too hot when poured over the coffee grinds. We have ensured that our tally does not include such coffee makers by excluding them. Check out our list of top selections to learn more about the best drip coffee brewers available at various pricing points.

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What is our process for selecting an automatic pour over coffee maker for you?

We go to the trouble of selecting and analyzing well-known models, which amount to hundreds of drip coffee machines. The vast majority have earned credentials from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA); because of this organization’s stringent standards, only a select few of the best drip coffee makers have been awarded accreditation. The quantity of time spent brewing, the appropriate temperature of the water, and whether or not the machine can brew following the rules of the SCAA Golden Cup are the factors that are considered when determining the criteria by the SCAA.

The water in all automated pour-over machines certified by the SCAA is heated to the appropriate temperature and maintained throughout the procedure. In other words, these high-quality coffee machines guarantee that you will receive perfect hot water that burnt coffee grounds have not contaminated.

Because of the wide drips, the machine guarantees an equal soaking of the ground coffee. To ensure that the grounds have the chance to bloom before being added to the cup, pulse brewing ensures that the coffee grounds have the opportunity to expand before they are added to your cup. The pulse brewing method ensures that the coffee tastes great because it allows the grounds to bloom before they are added to a cup.

Because these automatic pour over coffee makers are so effective, it may be challenging to brew a low-quality cup of high-quality coffee while using one. They also remove most of the brewing process’s need for trial and error, leading to more consistent output.

We also take a closer look at what electric espresso machines can do. They offer customizable features, including intensity, temperature, and flower time settings.

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Top 5 automatic pour over coffee maker

1. Gevi 4-in-1 Smart Pour-over Coffee Machine – Editor’s Choice

If you’re looking for a high-quality machine that will last for years, then the Gevi 4-In-1 Smart Pour-Over Coffee Maker is worth checking out.

This product will receive four filters: French Press, V60, Aeropress, and Chemex. Each of these options offers a unique experience when drinking coffee. For example, the French press produces a much stronger beverage, while the Aeropress creates a lighter version of the same drink.

This particular model from Gevi also features a programmable timer, which lets you set how many minutes you’d like the black coffee to stay hot. If you prefer something more traditional, you can manually turn the heat down to zero degrees Celsius.

The Gevi smart pour over coffee maker is compatible with iOS and Android devices so that you have a control panel or control screen to control your device anywhere in the world. You can also adjust the temperature settings through the app and change the strength of the coffee using the buttons on the side of the unit.

Another great thing about this model is that it has built-in coffee machines (such as grinders), which makes grinding beans a breeze. Place them directly into the top compartment, close the lid, and let the machine do all the work. All of these features make it an excellent choice for many. 


  • It has a built-in grinder, making it easier to grind the beans yourself.
  • It is extremely durable, thanks to its stainless steel construction.
  • You can choose five filters, including French Press, V60 Aeropress, and more.
  • The built-in grinder makes it possible to grind the beans inside the machine.


  • The price range might seem a little steep for what you get.

2. Breville Precision Coffee Maker – Best Selling

Because of its high degree of precision, this machine provides a significant advantage. Usually only found in more costly espresso machines, it has a programmed, inbuilt digital (PID) control for the water temperature. By adjusting the brewing temperature in this gadget, you may create your chosen specialty coffee beverages by blending different roasts and grinding levels.

The Breville Precision Coffee Maker comes equipped with six different brewing profiles out of the box. These profiles are Gold (which satisfies the most stringent requirements of the SCAA), Strong, Fast, Iced, Cold Brew and My Brew. The vast majority do not require explanation.

My Brew, on the other hand, lets you customize every aspect of the brewing process, from the bloom time to the brewing temperature to the flow rate to perfection. There is a level of customization available in this coffee maker that isn’t seen in too many other products.

This coffee maker has a huge capacity of sixty ounces, allowing you to prepare a significant pot of coffee at once. This coffee maker can even recognize the difference between making coffee hot for a single cup and making coffee in time for a whole carafe. It will adjust the brewing parameters appropriately. If you want to make coffee ratio in large quantities but also have the bold option to brew cycle just one cup of coffee, then the programmable coffee maker with 12 cups of coffee flavor is ideal for you.

Because of the handy drip adapter, a pour over coffee may also be prepared with a pour over coffee makers such as the Kalita Wave, the Hario V60, or any coffee maker of a similar beautiful design.

In addition, it features a thermal carafe made of stainless steel with two separate walls. However, the Breville BDC400 Precision Coffee Maker is a good brewing option that the SCAA also approves. This brewer features a glass carafe in addition to a hot plate, which appeals to some consumers.

You will have full control over variables such as the brewing process when you use this pour over automatic machine, which also enables the brewing of craft filter coffee in an automatic fashion.


  • It is possible to make individualized adjustments to the whole brewing process.
  • Because it uses a PID algorithm, the temperature controller can be relied on to provide accurate readings.
  • You can change the pre-infusion, brewing time and flow rate.
  • Featuring high-quality stainless steel construction and a guarantee for two years
  • Includes a carafe made of stainless steel that maintains the temperature of the water within.


  • Since it is rather pricey, you will have to pay more to have excellent coffee.
  • Because it is not small, it works well for folks with a lot of room on their countertops.

3. Hamilton Beach Manual Pour Over Coffee Maker – Runner Up

If you’re looking for a simple way to enjoy great tasting coffee without spending a fortune, then the Hamilton Beach manual pour over coffee maker is the perfect solution. With this model, you’ll get all the benefits of a fully automatic coffee maker, including choosing from five specialty settings while still enjoying the convenience of manually preparing each cup.

This model allows you to select your desired strength of coffee pot using the selector dial located on top of the unit. You can also adjust the amount of ground coffee used per cup to have your desired flavor. The built-in, conical burr grinder ensures that the coffee beans are properly ground before they reach the coffee strong grounds compartment.

The removable and refillable water tank makes it easy to clean up after yourself, and the nonstick coating keeps food particles off the heating elements. It’s also dishwasher safe, so that cleanup won’t take too long.

The Hamilton Beach manual pour over coffeemaker includes a 24-ounce water reservoir, so you don’t need to worry about running out of water during different brew methods. The reservoir has enough space to hold up to 60 ounces of water.

When measuring the right coffee grounds, you should start with approximately three tablespoons per 12 ounces of water. Afterward, add the remaining water into the reservoir until the total volume reaches eight cups.

The Hamilton Beach manual pour over coffee maker has a digital display screen, which shows the current water level and the remaining amount of coffee left in the brew basket. This custom feature eliminates the possibility of making mistakes since you won’t have to look at the actual measurement scale.

The Hamilton Beach coffee maker features a convenient auto-shutoff function, which automatically turns itself off after six hours of continuous operation. However, if you want to keep the warm coffee temperature hot longer, you can easily press the “Keep Warm” button.


  • It is affordable, especially compared to other models in its class.
  • You can use any filter or paper, so you can be sure that you’ll end up with delicious coffee every time.
  • There is no need to buy additional accessories since everything is included in the package.
  • It is easy to operate, even though it does require some practice to master.


  • Some people find its design a bit outdated.
  • It doesn’t come with an insulated carafe, but you can purchase one separately.

4. Cuisinart PurePrecision CPO-800P1 Pour Over Coffee Maker

The Cuisinart CPO-800P1 is comparable to the OXO, but given that the Cuisinart comes in at a somewhat more reasonable cost, it is the more appealing drink option. Similar to the OXO, it emulates the functionality of a drip coffee maker while retaining some of the characteristics that set the pour-over method apart.

The “bloom” feature is also included in this automatic pour over machine and is an integral element of the brewing cycle. This indicates that extraction is even. In addition, this device is programmable; nevertheless, it is difficult to make adjustments due to the pour over automatic machine’s simplistic display and a limited number of buttons. There will be “light,” “medium,” and “strong” options for the brew types for you to choose from. Even though the Cuisinart may be purchased with a glass carafe and a thermal carafe, the thermal carafe ensures that the coffee will remain warm even while resting on the table. The glass alternative does not have this issue, contrary to the reports of some customers that the double-walled thermal carafe drops while being poured from.

This is an excellent option for anyone wishing to replicate the experience of brewing coffee with a conventional drip maker as closely as possible while keeping the qualities that distinguish pour-over brewing. However, although sharing some of the OXO’s shortcomings in terms of precision, this device is the one that we have chosen in our list.


  • The well-designed stainless steel filter holder
  • Because of its lack of complexity, it is simple to clean.


  • A few drops are coming from the thermal carafe.
  • Cuisinart may only cover the machine as a whole and not individual parts within the 1-year to 5-year warranty.
  • Temperatures may deviate outside of the acceptable range on occasion.

5. OXO Brew 9 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

The OXO On Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker stands out as a simple and sophisticated machine in its pour-over design. The stainless steel finish makes it seem fantastic, but the machine’s functionality is where the true excitement lies. A configurable LCD clock display on the front of the Barista Brain may show the time in various formats. You may plan everything out the night before, and when you get up in the morning, your coffee will have been made for you automatically.

The brewing process may be simplified into a few easy steps. The boiler is used to heat water dripped over the grounds; nevertheless, OXO has given particular care to the temperature. This machine warms to between 197.6 and 204.8 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the Barista Brain follows a unique pattern created just for pour-over brewing. The coffee is allowed to “bloom” while a small amount of water is heated and poured into the machine before the process is continued. This “blooming” process is vital because it assures that there will be adequate coverage.

This OXO machine is our top selection among electric pour-over coffee makers since it has many useful features that increase its performance. It also comes with a guarantee that it is good for two years.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • You can set the timer to ensure your coffee is ready on time.
  • There is no mess or spills during the brewing process.


  • Taking a sip from your cup while the coffee is still brewed can result in messy spills.
  • The carafe is insulated but does not have a heating element, so that the coffee may become cold soon.
  • Some customers have reported that their coffee has a flavor similar to plastic.

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Our #1 Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

Our number 1 automatic pour over coffee maker is Gevi 4-in-1 Smart Pour-over Coffee Machine because of its advanced features and durability.

As a runner-up, we recommend Breville Precision Brewer Thermal Coffee Maker because of its efficiency and different brewing rate.

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