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Armenian Coffee – Know Here

Armenian Coffee

The Armenian coffee is a strong, sweet, and very aromatic drink enjoyed for centuries in the Middle East.

It was first introduced to Europe by the Armenians who settled there after escaping from their country during the Turkish Ottoman rule.

The history of this drink dates back to the 16th century when introduced into Turkey. The Turks called it “Kahve” or “coffee.”

This beverage has roasted beans ground up using a mortar and pestle.

It is a strong coffee that contains about 20% caffeine. It is usually served black but can also be with milk or cream.

How is Armenian coffee brought to life?

The Armenian merchants used to travel throughout the world selling their goods. They had a particular way of transporting their goods.

They would pack them in large sacks filled with dried fruits, spices, and other items. These bags are tied together with string.

When they arrived at their destination, they would untie these strings and open the bag. It was how the coffee was transported.

When the coffee is sold, the merchant would put the coffee in small cups and pour hot water.

A few drops of sugar can make the coffee more palatable.

It is to make the coffee thick, almost slurry-like consistency.

The modern Armenian coffee

Today, the Armenia coffee corporation produces over 1 million cups of coffee per day. They have an annual production capacity of more than 10 million cups.

They use only fresh Arabica coffee beans grown on farms in the mountains of Western Armenia.

Their coffee is well-processed at their factory in Yerevan, where they roast and grind them.

The company uses a unique method of roasting coffee beans. This process involves heating the beans slowly until they reach around 200 degrees Celsius.

Its smooth consistency makes it ideal for making drinks such as espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and mocha.

A perfect crema is created when you add a little milk to your coffee. You should not stir the mixture too much because this will cause the foam to collapse.

It would be best to let the milk sit on top of the coffee for a few seconds before taking a sip.

What’s the difference between Armenian coffee & Other Middle-Eastern coffee?

The main difference between Armenian coffee and other middle eastern coffees is that they use different beans. 

Armenian coffee uses Arabica beans, while others use Robusta beans. The coffee shops that serve these beans are in the Middle East. We also have an article about Arabica Vs. Robusta – Which One Is Better.

Arabica beans are known for their rich flavor and aroma.

Robusta beans are known for their high caffeine content.

Armenian coffee recipe step by step guide

Here is some essential step to make delicious Armenian coffee:

1. Roast the beans

Roasting coffee beans removes their natural oils and brings out their flavors.

To do so, place the whole beans in a pan and heat them in the oven.

Place the pan inside the oven and turn the oven on to 350°F (180 °C).

Let the beans roast for about 15 minutes.

2. Grind the beans

Grinding the beans helps release the aromatic oils from the bean.

To do so, place the roasted beans into a grinder.

Add a little bit of ground coffee to the grinder.

Turn the grinder on and grind the beans for about 5 minutes.

3. Pour the water

Pour two tablespoons of cold water into a cup.

Put the coffee grounds into the cup.

Pour another four tablespoons of cold water into the cup.

4. Add the milk

Add one tablespoon of milk to the cup.

Stir well.

5. Serve

Serve immediately or store in the refrigerator for later consumption.

Modern Armenian coffee (medium roast)

Modern Armenian coffee (medium roast) is made from medium roasted beans. It has a strong taste of caramelized sugars and hints of chocolate.

It can be served either black or sweetened with sugar.

It is a perfect coffee roast for those who want a milder flavor.

List of best-roasted coffee

Looking for the best roasted and potent coffee? here are some suggestions of popular coffee varieties :

  • Turkish coffee

To make Turkish coffee, it uses ground coffee beans very finely. This coffee is served-well in small cups called “nargile” s.

It is typically filled with hot water and then stirred.

This type of coffee is the best drink after meals.

Espresso is an Italian-style coffee drink. It is a finely ground coffee bean.

These are heated up quickly to produce a frothy texture.

Espresso drinks are popular in the cafes of Italy.

  • Lebanese coffee

Lebanese coffee is a traditional coffee preparation. It is by using coarsely ground coffee beans.

It is traditionally served well in large cups called “Kazan’s.”

Kazan’s have a thick layer of cream on top.

  • American coffee

The American coffee is a pre-ground espresso-style coffee.

It is available as a ready-to-drink beverage, or it can be brewed at home.

  • Black coffee

Real coffee lovers choose black coffee over any other type of coffee.

They prefer this type of coffee because it contains no additives and does not contain preservatives.

In addition, real coffee drinkers like that there is no added sugar.

  • Cowboy style coffee

 For the genuine coffee lover, there is nothing better than cowboy-style coffee.

It combines the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans with the rich taste of heavy cream.

Prepared well using coarsely crushed coffee beans.

It can be enjoyed alone or with a slice of cake.

  • Premium espresso roast – San Lazzaro blend (medium roast)

The premium espresso roast is a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

Arabica is known for its fruity flavors, while robusta is known for its body.

This combination produces a smooth coffee. It is ideal for those who enjoy a full-bodied coffee.

 It is a delicious coffee roast that you should try out.

Final words

The Armen coffee is a great choice when looking for a good-tasting coffee. It is a classic coffee variety that is easy to prepare.

You will find your favorite coffee roast easily by searching online.

You can also check out this article on Where Are Coffee Beans Grown?

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